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Company Profile

Relentlessly innovating, the vision of Ross Video is to lead the world in video production solutions by delivering the world’s widest range of products and services for augmented reality and virtual sets, mobile and live-event s, real-time motion graphics, cameras, camera tracking, and camera robotics, workflow management for news, assets and social media, production switchers, routers and other infrastructure systems, and more.

Ross products and services are designed to offer best-in-class system integration and unmatched customer choice by both working together seamlessly and integrating tightly with third-party solutions.

Ross Video includes telephone and email support for the life of the product with offices around the world staffed by technical experts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year—even for products bought on eBay. Recognizing the time-critical nature of the media and entertainment industry, all Ross employees are empowered to provide “whatever it takes” customer service, even down to renting helicopters when necessary to deliver needed parts and service.

Ross Video designs, markets, manufactures, and supports a wide range of innovative systems for use in broadcast, and other live event production applications. Ross products are found in over 100 countries and are used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to produce and manage video, audio, data and assets. Ross has worldwide reach with sales office locations throughout Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Singapore, and Brazil, with more office openings planned in the future.

Ross product lines include:

Acuity Series
Acuity is the top of the line, large production switcher designed to handle the world’s most challenging live events.

Carbonite Black Series
Carbonite Black is a mid-size switcher line that delivers high-end production power in very affordable packages using the absolute latest technology. Choose from 6 different processing engines and 6 control panels to match a broad range of requirements.

Carbonite Black Solo
The Carbonite Black Solo is an affordable and compact switcher packed full of the features Carbonite owners love to provide high quality productions. Solo offers different configurations are available to suit a variety of production needs and budgets including a compact all in one unit, and a space conscious 1 RU frame.

UltrachromeHR Chroma Keyer
Ultrachrome HR is a stand alone multi-channel chroma keying system based on the Carbonite Black processing engine that meets the challenging key requirements of multi-camera virtual environments.

XPression Graphics
XPression graphics systems use the latest software and hardware IT technologies, and are designed to be approachable by operators and designers, so they offer shorter than average learning curves, need less training time, and require fewer outside services, which results in an overall lower total cost of ownership.

XPression Production Servers
XPression Clips is built on the industry-leading XPression real-time graphics platform, offering instant recall times and back-to-back clip transitions from an intuitive user interface or via automation triggers from other devices like Ross Video production switchers. Clips has the ability to simultaneously ingest multiple channels of baseband video and output multiple channels of clips to air.

XPression Multi-Display Graphics
XPression Tessera is a multi-display real-time graphics designer and controller for sports venues and studio video walls, that links together multiple XPression engines to create a scalable matrix of channels for seamless output of scenes across large or irregularly assembled display panels.

Trackless Studio
Ross Trackless Studio is all-in-one, purpose-built software for cost-effective virtual production without camera tracking. Built on the XPression Real-Time Motion Graphics System with an intuitive purpose-built interface, it enables a different approach to production that accommodates both tight budgets and studio real estate size.

ACID Cameras
ACID is a line of high specification cameras providing a heightened visual experience with outstanding performance for high resolution visuals including advanced patent pending technology to improve chroma key performance.

Camera Robotics
Furio RC combines a motorized dolly, a telescopic lift, a pan/tilt camera head and a set of operator controls. With fully digital and network controlled servomotors, the system permits a single operator the capability to control track, lift, zoom, focus, pan and tilt — even from a remote distance.

Furio Robo includes a product portfolio that starts from cost-effective Pan/Tilt heads, to optional robotic elevation columns, and up to full-fledge rail based dolly systems with telescopic lift and a sophisticated IP based control system.

CamBot represents a complete line of robotic camera systems, that includes standalone pan-tilt heads, Pan-Tilt-Elevation (PTZ) systems, and free-roaming XY-pedestals with telescopic lift and a sophisticated IP based control system.

Using SmartShell 4, all Ross Robotic solutions can be controlled from a flexible, intuitive user interface that can be scaled to suit both large and small installations using a flexible Ethernet-based architecture that is easy to deploy and feature rich.

SolidTrack Camera Tracking
SolidTrack is a unique universal camera tracking system that uses optical tracking technology to deliver accurate real-time tracking data for any camera.

DashBoard Facility Control and Monitoring
As an open platform for facility control and monitoring, DashBoard enables users to craft application specific solutions by quickly building unique, tailored custom control interfaces that make complex operations simple.

OverDrive Automated Production Control
OverDrive offers a highly flexible production control system that enables touch screen control over the devices used in a live production environment for news, sports, entertainment, and faith-based programs.

OverDrive Express is a software only version that can work with or without a Carbonite switcher and includes device interfaces for video servers, graphics, audio servers, and monitor walls.

Inception Newsroom Computer Systems
Inception News is a scalable browser-based newsroom content and editorial system that encourages content collaboration, and it’s designed to work anywhere, from the newsroom to the field. It offers flexible and modern workflows and places social media integration right into the center of news production.

Inception Social Media Management
Inception Social is a toolset to discover and curate social media content for use in productions, bring text and image content from social media into graphics playout, manage moderating and approving content from social media channels, and prompt user engagement via social media polling.

Inception Live Event Management
Inception Live is a toolset for game day and live event production with a customizable game day or event lineup grid, scripting and timing capabilities, and uses social media tools that include publishing, content discovery and curation, polling, and playlists for integration into on-air graphics.

Horizon Enterprise Connector
Horizon connects multiple independent Inception news systems, including the managing the transfer of data and permissions between systems.

Streamline Media Asset Management
As a central hub in media environments, the Streamline production asset management and workflow management solution indexes and catalogues vast collections of graphics, video, and materials, while making tasks and processes more efficient.

Ultrix Routers
Ultrix is a compact but incredibly powerful routing switcher platform capable of switching video signals from 270 Mb/s to 12 Gb/s. The unique design permits users to software license additional capabilities such as advanced audio processing, integrated multi-viewers, and 12 Gb/s signal-switching. No additional hardware is required to enable or add any of these features.

NK Routers
NK Routing switchers are a comprehensive family of routing solutions with a wide variety of matrix sizes and types to choose from, a nice selection of flexible control panels and a powerful control system tying it all together.

openGear® Signal Processing 
Award winning openGear modular frames and cards provide signal processing and conversion, and are based on an open standard. These open architecture signal processing solutions offer a wide range of analog and digital products to cover A/V distribution, conversion and interface needs that are applicable everywhere, including 24/7 and live production deployments.

MC1 Master Control
MC1 is a robust, simple, and affordable master control solution, built to meet the demands of 24/7 operation. The MC-1 is a very affordable, modular, dedicated master control solution that includes lifetime support and a 5-year warranty to provide outstanding value.