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CBS47 On Your Side with OverDrive

Priscilla Martinez
Director of CBS47 This Morning / CBS47 Noon Show
Fresno, California

My typical day starts early as I head to work for 4am to prepare productions at CBS47 KGPE in Fresno, California. I am the Director of the This Morning Show and the On Your Side at Noon Show for CBS47.

In the morning, we produce two hours of news from 5am to 7am. Rundowns are created in individual half hours, and in turn we do four. As we all know, current events can't always be predetermined as we often adjust on the floor and go with the flow. An example of this would be the unfortunate events in Colorado when our coverage included the Colorado movie theatre shooting and the suspect's apartment building. Having the ability to switch and air live shots, video or sound bites is crucial. This is why Ross Video's OverDrive is a huge asset and tool for KGPE. On air, staff can make changes almost as quickly as they are thought of – a key element for productions in a competitive market.


Four years ago, I came to CBS47 from a station that had the traditional type of control room, scripts marked with the corresponding tape deck for a particular story, a Director, a Technical Director, a Tape Operator, etc. To sum up, I was used to having to prep my TD and Tape Operator throughout the entire show. All of the changes made had to be clearly and loudly voiced since there were at least four people who had to know what was going on. Transitioning from that setup to CBS47, it took about a week to adjust to the entirely new way of doing things! It just felt odd not having paper scripts.

Ross' OverDrive definitely makes a newscast flow. It definitely didn't take long to appreciate the ease the system affords me. With OverDrive I am my own TD and Tape Operator. I can go from one tape – or in this case - one server to another. It's great. I set up camera shots and save them knowing that when I call the preset up - boom there it is! Using OverDrive, there are so many effects to choose from for the production that if I don't like one or it doesn't work, I can change it quickly.

In June this year, CBS47 KGPE took home the Emmy for Best Daytime Newscast in a medium market for our On Your Side at Noon Show anchored by Mike Scott with Jenny Toste on weather, and news reports produced by Sarah Soghomonian and directed by myself. While I'm not saying OverDrive won us the Emmy, having a trustworthy system when surrounded by chaos and change, cannot be underestimated. It's good to have the right equipment in place that will respond quickly.

Automation is the direction broadcast news is heading. Broadcast companies have to invest and incorporate new technology now available in order to stand out from all others. For us at CBS47, we believe that technology to come from Ross.