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Automated Production for Legislatures Overview

In the beginning there was C-SPAN which, since 1979, has made government more transparent by bringing live coverage of the US Capitol to 100 million homes. The idea has caught on and now many legislatures of all sizes, and all around the world are producing TV coverage of their debates, votes, and committee proceedings.

Live content creation is a new role for a government to embrace and it comes with a different set of needs when compared to a broadcaster of cable station.

What’s the Mission?

The mission is to serve the people by making the government’s work transparent to the widest constituency by using what remains the most accessible medium there has ever been: Television.

And with tax-payer funds at work to both acquire and operate the production equipment, value for money is at a premium.

But the mission remains legislation, representation, and government; not TV production. This means that the production system needs to work around the legislators and their working practices. Though, of course, if the content has production values up there with network TV, that’s ok!

Ross Video’s Legislative Control System (LCS)

Ross Video has designed the LCS to be sympathetic to our client’s main mission from these important perspectives:

  • Eliminate the procurement headaches. Uniquely, the LCS from Ross Video is the only comprehensive solution that is available from a single vendor with robotic camera mounts, production switcher, video router, signal infrastructure, and optional video clip servers unified under a single control surface.
  • Eliminate support headaches. One phone call gets 24×7 access to world-class technical support for free, for life, and for the whole system.
  • Run smart. By integrating with the client’s Delegate System when available, production can be automated to the point that a single operator can learn the system in hours, and run it single-handedly.
  • Look great. With the same graphics engine used by the major sports channels, and templates customized to the client’s legislature, viewers will be more engaged and better informed.