Control Systems | OverDrive

Key Features

After 10 years of development, and 15 major releases OverDrive has the most advanced feature set in the industry, enabling you to create precisely the production you want. Whether you produce content for news, live production, sports, or worship, OverDrive has the tools and workflow to make your productions stand out above the rest. Please check out our list of exceptional standard features.

Standard Features

OverDrive clients are each designed to easily handle specific production tasks from rundown management to camera twerking. more...


RundownControl is the primary application for managing all production elements, effects and transitions for rundown-based scripted and unscripted events. more...


DirectControl gives access to fine-tune your production, with dedicated interfaces for riding audio, bumping cameras and shuttling servers. more...

Newsroom Plugin

The plugin is your window into OverDrive from the newsroom, giving production the tools to add effects directly into story scripts. more...

System Layout

OverDrive systems are based around IT-class servers, which manage communication with clients and all broadcast equipment. Numerous redundant options are available. more...

Compatibility Matrix

Check the latest compatibility between OverDrive software and common production systems. more...

New Features for IBC 2015

OverDrive Caprica
Ross has a long-standing history of controlling third-party devices, with a library of over 200 device drivers written across 12 different categories of broadcast device. Until now, OverDrive has relied on a connection to the Ross Video Vision to access this library of interfaces. Caprica removes this restriction, and adds a new category of broadcast device to the Ross Video driver library: the production switcher. Interfaces available today include the Grass Valley, Sony and Ross Synergy. more...


Build an infinite number of shots, and up to ten times the number of templates from previous versions. More interfaces! Studer Ember, Ovation Audio Clip Player, and graphics timing for VizRT.

Newsroom Plugin
The newsroom plugin has been redesigned to improve the production experience:
• Faster show building - Build and refine shots within the newsroom plugin itself, rather than pre-coding in the NRCS.
• Sorting and grouping - Sort templates and shots into groups based on user, show, style or preference.
• Split pane view – Keep list of favorite or frequently used shots easily available, while browsing deeply
   into the library in the second pane.
• Web-based – Fully web-based, open the plugin from anywhere to create and edit without even
   opening the NRCS.


• Expanded NRCS support, with support for the latest versions of iNEWS and ENPS, and a new
  interface to the Annova OpenMedia system.
• MOS item color coding in Rundown Control to easily distinguish server elements, graphics and
   camera in the rundown.
• QuickTurn column-based tagging puts the NRCS in control of what goes to the web

OverDrive continues to increase it’s capability to produce increasingly complex programs, and offers constant enhancement of interoperability with third party systems. The latest OverDrive version includes support for iNEWS 5.2 and ENPS 7.4.1. OverDrive includes CG Timing for PixelPower, and further integration with Ross Acuity.