Production Switchers | Carbonite & Carbonite Black


Pure Production Power
Highly powerful and efficiently designed, Carbonite delivers unprecedented performance in a remarkably cost-effective package. Carbonite sets the bar as the new world standard for mid-sized production switchers. Whatever your signal processing needs, there's a Carbonite model that fits.

The New Carbonite Black
The latest addition to the Carbonite family, Carbonite Black brings expanded I/O and processing power to accomodate the most demanding productions.

Choose from one of 9 control panels, then match it to the chassis that best suits your application:

Carbonite 10 Carbonite 1-A Carbonite 1M Carbonite 2 Carbonite 2M Carbonite 2S Carbonite 2X Carbonite 3S Carbonite Black 3X

Carbonite Carbonite+ Carbonite MultiMedia Carbonite eXtreme Carbonite Black

Carbonite 10 Control Panel

Carbonite 10 Production Switcher
The budget priced Compact Carbonite 10 control panel has 10 source buttons and a 2-Axis joystick positioner as well as direct access buttons in the transition area for advanced media wipes and DVE transitions. Uniquely, the Carbonite 10 panel can control 2 ME's via user configurable keys. Compare with other models...

Carbonite 1-A Control Panel

Carbonite 1 Production Switcher
Rugged and reliable - The stunning Carbonite 1 control panel has 16 source buttons and beautiful full color mnemonics for source and key naming. It also has a 3-Axis joystick positioner as well as direct access buttons in the transition area for advanced media wipes and DVE transitions. Uniquely, the Carbonite 1panel can control 2 ME's via user configurable keys. Compare with other models...

Carbonite 1M Control Panel

Carbonite 1M Production Switcher
The Carbonite 1M is a feature rich control panel providing single button access for up to 24 sources as well as instant access to Carbonite's powerful custom control macro's, advanced transitions and smart menu system. Available with Carbonite 16 or 24 input Production Engines and 1 or 2 full ME's, the Carbonite 1M will be perfectly at home in mobile or fixed locations. Instant access to all input sources means those fast paced - high pressure productions will be smooth and flawless with the necessary controls right at the operators fingertips. Compare with other models...

Carbonite 2 Control Panel

Carbonite 2 Production Switcher
The Carbonite C2 2 ME production switcher extends the exceptional value and ease of use of the phenomenally successful Carbonite family. The C2 boasts all the power and features of its bigger brothers - the C2M and C2X yet with a more compact 16 button control panel. It is perfect for space restricted production environments such as small trucks and control rooms without sacrificing production features. Compare with other models...

Carbonite 2M Control Panel

Carbonite 2M Production Switcher
The perfect combination of styling and functionality - Carbonite 2M has 24 source buttons for instant input access as well as multi-purpose mnemonic menu buttons for intuitive menu control. Like its smaller brother it is equipped with direct access buttons in the transition area for advanced media wipes and DVE transitions. Compare with other models...

Carbonite 2S Control Panel

Carbonite 2S Production Switcher
Introducing the Carbonite C2S, a new 24 button 2 ME panel for Carbonite incorporating individual ME Effects Memory keypads. The C2S has all of the features of the very popular C2M panel and adds ME effects memory controls in addition to the standard global controls. Compare with other models...

Carbonite 2X Control Panel

Carbonite 2X Production Switcher
The C2X has 32 source selection buttons, making every source, internal and external, available at the touch of a button, avoiding the use of shift buttons. The addition of memory keypads dedicated to each ME makes live production even easier, and will feel extremely familiar to Technical Directors that like to switch large parts of their show from the memory system. Compare with other models...

Carbonite 3S Control Panel

Carbonite 3S Production Switcher
The beautiful new 3S is a 24 button panel that adds a third ME row for instant control of MiniMEs, MultiScreen or a half ME. This ergonomically designed panel also has a raised menu control area for easy reach and viewing. The new 3S has all the same features as the award winning 2S, including individual ME Effects Memory Control keypads. Compare with other models...

Carbonite Black 3X Control Panel

Carbonite Black 3X Production Switcher
The New Carbonite Black 3X panel is the flagship of the Carbonite line, it is great to look at and a joy to operate. The CB3X has Acuity style faders and dedicated 32 button source select rows, it also has dedicated ME row selection buttons for instant control of any ME or MiniME on any row as well as 8 Custom Control bank select buttons, allowing a whopping 256 Custom Control Macros to reside on the panel for direct selection at any time. This panel connects to Carbonite frames via Ethernet and not the PSL (Panel Serial Link) port, providing control over much greater distance. Specifications...

Carbonite Chassis

Carbonite Chassis
Carbonite packs major effects and keying power into 2 MEs. Each ME has 4 powerful keyers with luma, linear, Chroma and DVE key types as well as an additional 5th hidden keyer for animated MediaWipe™ and DVE transitions. Each ME can access the 2 advanced UltraChrome™ chroma keyers. Two advanced pattern generators per ME are available for wipes, pattern masks and color washes. Each ME also provides a clean feed output. Compare with other models...

Carbonite Plus Chassis

Carbonite+ Chassis
Including the same awesome features of Carbonite, the new Carbonite+ 2RU processing engine includes Frame Synchronization and Format Conversion for every input as well as increasing the number of available DVE's from 4 to 8. Just like Carbonite, the + frame is available with 16 or 24 active inputs, with all inputs now simultaneously capable of accepting unreferenced signals and converting SD (625 or 525) to HD 1080i format with aspect ratio choices.

Additional DVE's allow every ME key to have a DVE assigned, making it possible to display 8 boxes on screen simultaneously or transition between quad box layouts. Compare with other models...

Carbonite MultiMedia Chassis

Carbonite MultiMedia Chassis
Also a 2RU processing engine with the functionality of the Carbonite+. In addition MultiMedia adds up to 4 shared SDI/HDMI/ Analog inputs that incorporate new high quality / low latency format conversion features.

These new MultiMedia connections allow input from computers (PC & MAC) as well as provide support for legacy analog devices such as Standard Definition DVD players, cameras and VCR's. New scan conversion technology allows these inputs to accept Interlaced or Progressive formats with differing pixel resolution and aspect ratio and seamlessly convert them to the native format of your production. Compare with other models...

Carbonite eXtreme Chassis

Carbonite eXtreme Chassis
The Carbonite eXtreme is a truly revolutionary production tool. It has all of the horsepower of Carbonite wrapped inside a highly configurable signal routing & management system. This combination is ideal for mobile production vehicles as it simplifies installation and operation immensely, while also offering tremendous flexibility and significant system cost savings. More info...

The eXtreme chassis can be configured with an I/O of up to 144 x 144 in increments of 8. With eXtreme it is now simple to manage complex productions across multiple output destinations! Compare with other models...

Carbonite Black Chassis

Carbonite Black Chassis
The Carbonite Black is the latest addition to the Carbonite family. It has all of the standard features of Carbonite, but adds more I/O and processing power. Carbonite Black is available with 2 or 3 full MEs, 4 MiniMEs and MultiScreen and all resources are always available regardless of signal format. It has 36 inputs and 22 outputs and of course processes SD, HD, 3G and UHD (4K) (Quad link) signals. There are also 2 AES digital audio outputs that are unique to Carbonite Black. Specifications...