Production Switchers | Carbonite Black


Carbonite comes fully featured right out of the box. The following are a few options that can be added to your Carbonite system for a perfect fit into your production workflow.

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XPression LiveCG™
XPression Live CG is an economical way to enhance your production with eye-catching graphics. Simply load XPression Live CG Software onto your own Windows PC, connect it to Carbonite via an I/P network, and you have a tightly integrated CG / Production Switcher System. Graphics are rendered directly into Carbonite's Media-Store™, keeping video inputs free for cameras and other video sources.

Remote AUX Panel Option

Remote AUX Panel
Auxiliary Control Panels provide external control for Aux output assignment. Up to eight panels can be installed with your Carbonite system.

Redundant Power Supplies Option

Redundant Power Supplies
Redundant PSUs for both the Carbonite Engine and Control Panel can easily be added either at time of purchase or later when required.

GearLite Options

GearLite SDI to HDMI Conversion
Our GearLite SDI to HDMI converter is the perfect MultiViewer companion. This high quality yet inexpensive module allows the direct connection to your display's HDMI input from Carbonite's serial digital outputs via a single BNC cable.

Audio Mixer MIDI Interface
GearLite SMC-9901 Serial to MIDI converter For Audio Follow control of Yamaha 01V-96 and DM1000 Mixers.

Software Input Upgrade
A 18 input Carbonite frame can be upgraded to 24 inputs.

CrossOver 10, 1, and 1M Options

Second MLE for Carbonite 10, 1 and 1M
A second MLE can be added to a Carbonite 1 system making 2 MLE's available and controllable from the Carbonite 1 single MLE panel via a shift function.

In-Desk Mounting Kit for Carbonite 10
Mounting brackets allow Carbonite panels to be easily and securely flush mounted in control room consoles. Note that all other Carbonite panels do not require brackets for flush in-desk mounting.

Routing Control Panels for Carbonite Extreme
RCP-NK1 - A simple and cost-effective control panel ideally suited as an XY or cut-bus control panel. It includes 40 soft, fully programmable backlit keys arranged in a 32 + 8 configuration for convenient function key layout.

Routing Control Panels for Carbonite Extreme Option

RCP-NKM - This panel provides the ability to create menus, enabling the grouping of sources and destinations based on physical requirements (studios, edit suites, QC racks) or categories (servers, cameras, monitors).

RCP-NKQ - Ideal for use in OB vans or production houses where configurations change regularly, unlimited configurations enable fast and simple customized setups of each panel. This panel offers 17 colored backlit graphic LCD keys with multiple menus.