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Listening to users is something we do well at Ross Video and our Vision Production Switchers are steadily evolving thanks to our customer's comments. At IBC 2013 we will introduce redesigned control panel modules for the Vision Octane 3G, Octane and Tritium models that have smaller 'Euro' style control buttons

Introducing Vision Tritium – 3MLE Production Switchers with Vision Octane production power. Tritium combines the stunning Vision Octane feature set within an incredibly budget sensitive new package.

CJNT, a Rogers Media owned television station, has chosen Ross Video for their new production facilities in downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Vision Overview

At Ross, production switchers are our passion. We have been making them since 1974 and they are at the core of our business. Vision is our next generation switcher, designed with the input of our customers - demanding customers like you that push our products to the limit and push us at Ross to make things better. Our goal with Vision is to provide the tools you need to get your creative vision on the air. The result is a groundbreaking, next generation system with the live production power that you trust from Ross on an advanced platform that takes you into the future. Meet the production switcher that we have been itching to build. Vision. It’s for you.

Vision customers offer a broad range of applications within the broadcast and production communities. Whatever application you happen to need a video production switcher to handle, Vision has a solution.

Control Like Never Before
Vision makes it easy to streamline your production and provide tight, integrated control over the equipment in your studio. No other production switcher comes anywhere close to matching the number of classes of devices that Vision can control. Even more impressive, we have proven our device control technology in our labs and in the field with the vast majority of brands of equipment available on the market today. This extends to suppliers of VTRs, video servers, audio servers, audio mixers, robotic cameras, routing systems, character generators, under monitor displays, monitor walls, and more. When you add our OverDrive Automated Production Control System, efficiencies can take a quantum leap where the entire production can be run with the touch of a single finger. Vision and OverDrive together are the leading edge of live production technology.

Stunning Control Panel
Vision makes for an impressive centerpiece to any facility through the use of theme-able panel glow technology that illuminates every button in glorious 30-bit color. The breakthrough modular Vision control panel offers features ranging from our DualDisplay™ Touch Screen, which provides two complete menus at once, Custom Control macro buttons, source button widths of 16, 24, 32, or 40 inputs, source and macro mnemonic displays, on-panel and remote panel aux bus control, to many other options that allow you to have the unique tool for your environment.

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