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Complete Systems

Introducing a simplified and cost-effective method to order your Vision production switcher system
Our flagship Vision Production Switchers are highly modular, as a result their are a lot of configuration choices. We have found that many users select configurations that are the same or very similar for each of the available Vision chassis and panel choices.

Accordingly, we have analyzed the most popular Vision system configurations that customers have been purchasing, and developed pre-configured systems that can be purchased under a single part number - Greatly simplifying, not only the ordering process, but also ensuring your new switcher has everything you need - Right out of the box.

Vision Complete Systems

An additional benefit of this analysis is that we're able to pre-build complete systems, in-house, and rationalize our inventory management, resulting in cost savings that we can pass on to you - our customer.

Vision System Ordering Guide

Control Panel I/O Chassis List Price Model
Vision 1 16 x 16 3RU Octane $73,995.00 V1OCT3-001
Vision 1M 16 x 16 3RU Octane $77,995.00 V1MOCT3-001
Vision 1M 32 x 32 8RU Octane $92,995.00 V1MOCT8-001
Vision 2 16 x 16 3RU Octane $89,995.00 V2OCT3-001
Vision 2M 32 x 16 3RU Octane $96,995.00 V2MOCT3-001
Vision 2X 32 x 16 3RU Octane $104,995.00 V2XOCT3-001
Vision 2M 32 x 32 8RU Octane $122,995.00 V2MOCT8-001
Vision 2X 32 x 32 8RU Octane $129,995.00 V2XOCT8-001
Vision 3M 32 x 16 3RU Octane $125,995.00 V3MOCT3-001
Vision 3 32 x 16 3RU Octane $131,995.00 V3OCT3-001
Vision 3M 48 x 32 8RU Octane $155,995.00 V3MOCT8-001
Vision 3 48 x 32 8RU Octane $161,995.00 V3OCT8-001
Vision 4 48 x 16 3RU Octane $170,995.00 V4OCT3-001
Vision 4 48 x 32 8RU Octane $199,995.00 V4OCT8-001

Vision System Feature Set

  • Source Mnemonics and Custom Control Mnemonics
  • 2 Channels of 3D DVE with Position, Rotation, Crop, Advanced Positioning, Key-combiner, Dynamic Borders, Preprocessor effects and DVE timelines per MLE.
  • 4 Channel Global-Store with 1 GB of Memory
  • 4 Channel MLE-Store with 1 GB of Memory per MLE
  • Dual Channel Border Generator with advanced Key Trails and Key Smear effects per MLE
  • 2 UltraChrome™ Chroma Keyers with Super Fine Keying Quality in every MLE
  • USB Ports for Keyboard, Mouse, and Media Drives
  • On-Panel Aux Bus Control
  • Source Awareness™ Automatic Features
  • Unique Ross "Roll Clip" Button in Every MLE
  • 36 Fully Assignable Parallel Tally Outputs
  • Panel Glow User Definable Button Color Themes
  • Multi-Definition support for any of the following formats: 525, 625, 1080i 50, 1080i 59.94, 720P 50, 720P 59.94, 1080P 24, 1080PSF 24, 1080PSF 23.98
  • 6 Powerful Pattern Generators and 2 Complex Wash Generators per MLE
  • Hard Disk Drive for Storing Configurations, Stills, Animations and Clips
  • 100 Event Memory System
  • FlexiClean™ Assignable Clean Feed Outputs, 2 per MLE
  • Preview Overlay™ Safe Area/Title and Operator Heads-Up Information Display
  • 10 GPI Inputs, 10 GPI Outputs
  • VTR Control Protocol (BVW-75)
  • Video Server Protocols (VDCP/AMP)
  • Full 10-Bit Processing in both HD and SD modes
  • 4:3/16:9 Switchable
  • Full 1 Year Transferable Warranty
  • Lifetime Software Updated via Ross Website, Lifetime Telephone Support