Robotic Camera Systems

Furio Robotic Camera Systems

Furio is available in 2 variants – Furio Robo (Full Robotics System) and Furio RC (Remote Control System). Furio's absolute positioning system and rail based tracking sets it apart from the competition and makes it ideally suited to virtual set and augmented reality applications.

CamBot Robotic Camera Systems

CamBot Camera Systems are available in 3 variants – 500 Series (Pan / Tilt Head), 600 Series (Pan / Tilt / Elevation) and 700 Series (Pan / Tilt / Elevation / XY Pedestal)

SmartShell Robotic Control System

SmartShell Control System supports both Furio and Cambot Camera Systems, providing a unified control platform for all Ross Robotic Systems.


Our Robotic Camera Systems enable producers and directors to deliver original, spectacular, and more captivating content—in a reliable, cost-effective, and risk-free manner. Each TV-show, commercial, film, and live-event has to be visually more appealing than its predecessor to capture and hold the audiences attention. The return, added value to your advertisers and sponsors, makes our Robotics Camera Systems the ideal solution to leverage your business.