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CamBot Overview

Ross' CamBot Robotic Camera Series is the result of the acquisition of Cambotics in April 2012. A world leader in studio camera automation technology, Cambotics was founded in 2005 by Bob Scotto & Miles Spellman. While Miles has since retired, Bob remains a key contributor to the Ross Robotics team.

Ross' CamBot series consists of a 500 series, 600 series and 700 series pedestals that are robust, durable and precise studio workhorses – distinguished by their ability to accept industry leading payloads of up to 200 pounds on the 700 Series pedestals. The CamBot's optical pattern recognition technology guarantees fast and accurate targeting and the high-resolution servos in the series-700 heads provide the ultimate in smoothness and control.

All products can readily be networked using distributed Ethernet architecture, guaranteeing redundancy, flexibility and expandability. Using familiar and easy to learn Windows conventions, operators can easily customize the workspace to access their most commonly used features.

CamBot 700 series is available as a stand-alone pan-tilt head for mounting on manual studio pedestals or tripods. Its 200-pound capacity easily supports the largest studio cameras and prompters, while setting the industry standard for smoothness, accuracy and whisper-quiet operation. A manual control option allows changing between manual and robotic operation with the flick of a switch. The third-generation 700XY Robotic Pedestal substantially raises the bar for smoothness and accuracy. Using proprietary geometry, together with optical targeting, the 700XY targets in seconds, navigates studio floors with millimeter precision, ends wheel-scrub floor damage and eliminates the need for periodic sensor and target cleaning.

CamBot 600 series is available as a stand-alone product for tripod mounting, or with an elevation column. Its 125lb capacity easily carries today's typical studio configurations with Teleprompters and preview monitors. The elevation column adds extremely smooth on-air quality vertical moves to the production at an economical price point. As an option, local control can be added to the 600 Series PT heads, allowing operators to control Elevation, Pan and Tilt locally through PanBars and Joystick.

CamBot 500 series' offset tilt axis greatly reduces the need for awkward counter-weights, making it an ideal choice when space is constrained and no motorized elevation is needed. The CamBot 500 provides smoothness, speed, precise control, and quality on-air moves. The system's 70-pound load capacity easily accommodates small to medium-sized Teleprompters and can be mixed and matched with all other CamBot heads and control systems.

Contact your local Ross representative or to find out more about how our CamBot system can enhance the visual quality and efficiency of your production.