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Furio Overview

The Ross family of robotic camera systems came as the result of the acquisition of FX-Motion in December, 2011. FX-Motion combined elements of motion control cinematography from the motion picture industry with mechanical engineering expertise to push the state of the art in camera robotics systems. The result is Furio, a truly unique and ground breaking robotic camera system.

The Furio system enables producers and directors to deliver original, spectacular, and more captivating content—in a reliable, cost-effective, and risk-free manner. Each TV-show, commercial, film, and live-event has to be visually more appealing than its predecessor to capture and hold the audiences attention. The return, added value to your advertisers and sponsors, makes Furio robotics an ideal solution to leverage your business.

The Furio system has been used to control cameras and provide compelling visuals on productions such as the Eurovision Song Contest, So You Think You Can Dance and in augmented reality productions like the Spike TV VGA awards as well as in news and variety production studio production environments.

Furio is available in 2 variants – Furio Robo (Full Robotics System) and Furio RC (Remote Control System). Furio's absolute positioning system and rail based tracking sets it apart from the competition and makes it ideally suited to virtual set and augmented reality applications.

Furio Robo is designed for live television production studio use in which typically a single operator controls multiple cameras with pre-set shot and motion path recalls. The system consists of a Pan-Tilt Head (PT), Rail Based Dolly System with Elevator and a sophisticated IP based control system. The system scales from a simple PT head on a fixed tripod to a full multi-camera rail system. more...

Furio RC (Remote Control) is designed for applications in which an operator controls the camera system remotely using a joystick or local (encoded) fluid head and foot pedals to move the camera along the rail and up and down. Furio RC translates the camera operator's every move to the remote camera. Highly responsive, Furio RC is perfect for live stage productions. This system allows one camera operator to rapidly move a camera from one end of the stage to the other and get shots simply not possible with a roaming camera person. more...

Contact your local Ross representative or to find out more about how our Furio system can enhance the visual quality and efficiency of your production.