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Furio Robo Overview

The Ross Furio Robo System is used in top productions world wide to provide compelling visuals. Furio Robo is designed for live television production studio use in which an operator controls multiple cameras with pre-set shot and motion path recalls.

The Furio Robo system consists of a Pan-Tilt Head (PT), Rail Based Dolly System with telescopic lift and a sophisticated IP based control system. Furio Robo scales from a simple PT head on a fixed tripod to a full multi-camera rail system.

Ross Furio Robo System


  • Visual Appeal - Enables Compelling Visual Style and Quality
  • Automation – Integrates Easily with Automated Production Control Systems
  • Technology – Precision Machined Components and Advanced IP Control
  • Support - Backed by Ross World Wide Technical Support Organization

Key features

  • Scalable Solution - from Furio VR-1 PT (Pan Tilt Zoom) system to full Furio telescopic lift, dolly and rail system – mix and match in a system to get the camera shots and studio coverage needed.
  • Absolute Positioning – ideal for virtual sets and augmented reality
  • Designed, assembled and tested in-house by Ross
  • Modern, IP-Based Control System – easy to deploy and feature rich
  • Touch Screen Controller with motion path control – to easily set up, recall and control shots with sophisticated results.
  • SmartShell joystick control panel – responsive tactile physical control panel
  • Rail system – precision, custom made extruded aluminum rails available in a range of lengths, both straight as custom-made curves.

Furio Robo Products