Social Media Management | Inception


Inception Social provides a complete tool suite for creating and using social media. Whether you are looking to better manage your own social content, or safely add viewers posts to your productions, Inception offers a solution.


Inception provides a complete tool suite for adding, editing, approving and publishing content to the web and social networking sites. Inception can either run standalone or connected to a newsroom editorial system such as Avid iNews or Associated Press ENPS to dynamically load story rundowns via industry standard MOS protocol.

Control where information is available by adding social destinations to existing stories, or create a story for a specific site. Group social content and build campaigns for events you are covering using the built-in rundown tool. Custom editors included for each social destination to allow custom formatting, metadata and media.

Never publish the wrong message, or send a message to the wrong account, using the simple approval process. Submit edited stories for approval, via Inception or via email. Approvers simply click approve using the Inception task manager, or reply to the email. Assign approvers based on social destination, account, or globally.

Publish approved content to social media or the web on-demand, on a schedule, or as part of a rundown. Synchronize publishing to content airing on a broadcast channel. Monitor published content and feedback using Inception's feed viewers.


Inception provides a complete tool suite for curating social media content for live productions, with advanced search tools across multiple social platforms and simple moderation tools. Inception playlists are used to group and drive social content to web pages, display boards, and production graphics systems using an industry-standard RSS output.

Discover social media with simple search tools for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, RSS and more. Advanced search options, like geo-location, can filter results to include just the material that you want to see. Customizable black and white lists eliminate objectionable content.

Create playlists to group social media together for specific purposes, like crawls, full screen graphics and stadium displays. Simple drag&drop operation to add social media found from any search to the playlist it belongs in. Edit selected posts for content or length - Inception caches the item, author and avatar to catch last-second changes.

Simple approval and publishing means that safe social content can be used anywhere, anytime in a production. Standard RSS formats are used to connect with graphics systems, web pages and display boards.