Video Servers

Mira Production Servers

The Mira™ PRODUCTION server is tailored for live television production tasks, with optional features available for specific operational environments. Incredibly flexible and robust, the Mira PRODUCTION server is sure to fit your needs.

Tria Servers

Tria™ hits the market sweet spot with its unique “three-channel” playback architecture, which features a dedicated “VKA” (video+key+audio) output channel, with two additional video+audio output channels.

BlackStorm Playout Servers

The BlackStorm Playout Server offers a powerful video server engine, driving a comprehensive production workflow within a compact 1 RU 24 inch deep chassis.


Our Video Servers are designed from the ground up as a client/server architected system. The video server engine runs on dedicated server grade hardware with java based client application software running on client machines of your choice, be it a Windows or Macintosh computer.