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BlackStorm Playout Server Overview

Easy, Affordable, Future-Proof
Getting the right clip on air at the right time is key to any live production. This is where the BlackStorm Playout Server excels as an easy-to-use Production Clip Player with a comprehensive production workflow.

It starts in editing with an elegant networked file-based workflow, supporting popular editing systems like Apple’s Final Cut, Adobe’s Creative Suite and Avid’s Media Composer. The workflow continues with standard protocols like VDCP and AMP allowing point-of-control integration with virtually any production switcher or remote control panel on the market. Finally, a sophisticated client / server interface gives easy and distributed operator control including production playlists with built-in transitions.

BlackStorm delivers in live production. From a technology standpoint, it is a unique software-based server platform using standard off-the-shelf hardware and offers a long-range growth path for future technology.

BlackStorm – Concentrated Server Power.