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Ross’ Charitable Involvement

Ross Video is proud to be a charitable supporter of a wide variety of initiatives ranging from local, to regional, to global.

Ross regularly contributes towards many youth sporting teams, charity events, and also technology events for youth. As a leading technology company Ross believes in the importance of helping to create a healthy, engaging, and technologically interesting community for future generations. As a nod to our family owned origins in small town Ontario, we also have a special emphasis of support for the town of Iroquois and the surrounding area.

Ross employees proudly raise substantial donations through a wide range of fund raising efforts, and donates the proceeds to local food banks. These donations are matched by Ross Video.

Ross has selectively donated to many international humanitarian crises and will continue to do so. We recognize that we’re all in this together and that helping those in need is a big part of being human.

Ross, in the end, is a family and employee owned company. We’re about people.