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Effective Expert

Ross Video’s Tagline is “Production Technology Experts”.
At Ross, what makes an Effective Expert anyway?

Effective Experts have 4 attributes, and if all 4 attributes are strongly present, we often see 1 interesting emergent property.

Attribute 1
They understand their “customer’s” needs clearly

Attribute 2
They have a deep understanding of the technologies, tools, and techniques available to solve the customer’s needs

Attribute 3
They are passionate about solving the problems and coming up with effective solutions

Attribute 4
They are effective communicators and are capable of getting people to do what needs to be done

If a person has all four attributes, others in their organization observe an emergent property: Many others may find them ANNOYING. Why do they find them annoying?  Because they’re generally right and even in the face of all sorts of obstacles they keep pushing.  They upset the apple cart for all the right reasons, but they are still upsetting someone’s apple cart!

So, if they are a Ross Product Manager, they are absolutely passionate about customer needs in broadcast, sports, legislatures, news, live production, or whatever, and they geek out on how to solve that, and they find ways to GET THINGS DONE.

However, if they have a pure technology or management LEADERSHIP position in Ross like change control, drafting, technical writing, product verification, training, finance, human resources, sales support, automated testing, etc., then THEIR immediate customer isn’t likely to be a broadcaster.  It could be manufacturing, it could be more abstract like the readers of manuals, or the users of tools, or the needs of the members of their team.  To be successful, they have to care about WHO uses their output, they are a TRUE expert on how to make that output better, and they have to be extremely good at getting others to adopt the better way.

At Ross, we try our level best to appreciate those specific annoying people because they make us better.

David Ross
CEO, Ross Video