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Partnership Philosophy

Partnerships are fundamental to our business at Ross. We pride ourselves on being a great partner to our clients, business partners, 3rd party developers, consultants, employees and suppliers.

Ross is open and honest with our partners and we strive for win-win-win solutions in which the result of the partnership is good for all parties especially the end customer.

We strive to be dependable, trustworthy and respectful. This extends to relationships with our competitors who we collaborate with to the benefit of our joint customers.

Partnership Philosophy

Many of our key product lines owe their success to partnerships that we have developed and nurtured over the years. Following are a few examples:

Launched in 2006, openGear is the industry’s only open signal processing platform, entirely developed by Ross at a multi-million dollar cost and offered to partner companies for free. The platform consists of a standard rack frame and control system called DashBoard. 3rd party companies can develop functional cards for this platform without having to do any of this overhead development. Ross offers this platform at no charge to these openGear partners and places no restriction on what products they can develop including directly competitive solutions to our own. Our belief is that this open standard is good for our clients and as the ecosystem of openGear solutions grow, Ross will get our share of business. At the time of the writing of this piece, Ross has 37 openGear partners and openGear is growing at an exponential rate.

Our OverDrive automated production control system, introduced in 2004 is another example of our partnership philosophy at work. OverDrive controls a wide variety of 3rd party equipment such as audio consoles, graphics systems, video servers and robotic cameras to deliver a solution that works for our clients. In the demanding environment of fast paced live production the level of integration, responsiveness and reliability of the system is a result of our tight collaboration with 3rd party companies and quality development and QA process.

Partnerships are also very important to our XPression Graphics platform with key partners providing valuable workflow and control solutions. XPression partnerships have dramatically expanded the solution sets available and have driven significant business for both Ross and our business partners. Ross dedicates expensive booth space at NAB to our partners to allow them to showcase their solutions to potential customers.

Our partners are many and include large, well known companies like Nielsen and JVC who rely on Ross for critical components of their business.

We design, develop and manufacture JVC’s KMH series production switchers. Ross Video’s factory in Iroquois, Ontario, Canada is one of only two factories in the world certified to meet JVCs quality standards and authorized to manufacture and supply to JVC a product bearing the JVC Logo.

Nielsen provides audience measurement and market analysis services and Ross is their hardware partner for Nielsen Watermarks Encoding (NWE) equipment that inserts inaudible tones into live program audio to identify the origin of a broadcast signal. These tones are then detected by a set top box and collected electronically to measure audience viewing habits. NWE Encoders are deployed in broadcast and specialty channel master control facilities throughout the USA and this technology is relied upon to provide accurate audience measurements and derive the industry critical Nielsen ratings statistics.

Our partnership philosophy springs from our Code of Ethics which guides our actions and is available publically on our website.

Ross Video Code of Ethics

  1. We will always act in our customer’s best interest.
  2. We will do our best to understand our customer’s requirements.
  3. We will not ship crap.
  4. We will be great to work with.
  5. We will do something extra for our customers, as an apology, when something big goes wrong and it’s our fault.
  6. We will keep our promises.
  7. We will treat the competition with respect.
  8. We will cooperate with and help other friendly companies.
  9. We will go above and beyond in times of crisis. If there’s no one to authorize the required action in times of company or customer crisis – do what you know in your heart is right. (You may rent helicopters if necessary.)

Partnerships take a wide range of forms from simple tactical ad-hoc one time collaborations to long-term strategic alliances and business relationships. Whatever the form, Ross employees are encouraged to seek out and foster partnerships that are beneficial to our clients, partners and Ross.

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