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The Ross Karate System

When you deal with someone from Ross Video, most of the time you may be struck by his or her depth of product and industry knowledge. This isn’t a co-incidence.

For almost 10 years now, the majority of our people have been continually upgrading their skills and training each other. For fun, this program is modeled after martial arts training and our people progress through many training levels as they increase their knowledge.

The Ross Karate system not only trains our sales, marketing, manufacturing, and tech support staff. It also trains our product development staff. In our opinion, it’s much easier to design world-class products if you understand the industry, the competition, and product history in addition to understanding cutting edge technology.

You may also be pleasantly surprised that the person who scans your badge at the NAB or IBC tradeshows most likely knows the basics of how to operate a production switcher!

The next time you talk with a Ross representative, ask them what belt they have reached in the Karate system. Expect a brief moment of surprise, a smile, and then a statement of their achieved level with pride.

If you are interested in an overview of what we teach, click here for a summary of Ross Karate Belts.

Ross also collaborates with Universities that teach broadcasting. Click here to learn about the Ross-Ryerson Karate program.