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Top Reasons To Buy From Ross


1. Great Products

Our engineers strive to create products that deliver a compelling feature set and are affordable and easy to use.  A testimony to this are the many industry awards that these products have been honoured with.

2. Code of Ethics

Ross Video’s corporate culture is defined by our Code of Ethics.  We proudly display it on our website and ensure that our employees stay true to this commitment.

3. Excellent Customer Support

Ross continually ranks at the top of industry surveys in terms of customer service and support.  Free telephone support for the life of your Ross product and advanced warranty board exchange often are expensive extras with our competition.

4. World Wide Sales & Service Team

Wherever you are located, Ross has sales and service locations nearby to support you.

5. A Solid, Growing Company

Ross has a solid track record of growth and profitability.  While many other industry companies have come and gone, Ross has continued to steadily grow, succeed and take care of our customers.

6. Extensive Business Partner Network

Ross has an extensive world wide network of top dealers and system integrators through who are knowledgeable and able to consult in the purchase Ross equipment, complete packages and systems solutions.

7. Aggressive Product Development

Ross invests between 20 and 30% of revenue annually in research and development to continually enhance the products you already own from us as well as develop new breakthrough products and technology.

8. We Play Well with Others

We understand that our products must perform as part of a system and cooperate closely with other technology companies (competitors or not) to deliver well integrated customer solutions.

9. Top Notch Training

Ross recognizes that training is often a crucial component in deploying any new technology.  Our trainers are highly experienced experts and focus the training sessions to the specific needs and goals of your organization.

10. Cost of Ownership Leader

Ross products, services and extended warranty offerings are designed to provide compelling value.  When calculated over the life of a capital purchase, customers usually find that Ross technology savings add up significantly when compared to competitive alternatives.

11. Passion

At Ross, we are passionate about what we do and share your passion in getting the best results for your business from the products and services you purchase from us.

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