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FlipTV creates groundbreaking television programming, video production, filmmaking, and technical services taking ideas from the first sketch to the final presentation.

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Flip TV Mobile is a production truck rental company based in the Washington D.C. metro area that enables the television production needs of a wide range of clientele. A number of Ross Video products are used in their flagship truck, the Captain HD, and we recently caught up with Flip TV Mobile’s Marcelo Capuchinho to discuss how Ross Video has helped enhance their productions and help them achieve their goals.

The Challenge:

Nearly 6 years ago, Marcelo Capuchinho and Elmar Lamarques started Flip TV to help their clients create a range of productions, including television programming, video production, filmmaking, and technical services. Two years ago, Flip TV decided to build a HD production truck from the ground up, that could be rented to cover a wide range of events. It was vital that the truck was outfitted with equipment that enabled it to be agile and highly interchangeable depending on the event. They wanted the equipment to be affordable, but without sacrificing a high production quality that rivaled some of their larger, more established competitors.

The Solution:

“By having the Ross equipment in our Captain HD, it also makes us feel like we’re a part of a new era for television production.”
~ Marcelo Capuchinho, Managing Partner

Building a versatile and cost-efficient truck was a major challenge for Flip TV Mobile, and Ross Video was able to play a major role in helping them accomplish this. As Marcelo explored his options, he realized that Ross Video products were highly interoperable and customizable, noting that, “Going with Ross would give us the ability to integrate the truck and easily change configurations,” which was important as they wanted to be able to service clients from sports to corporate events. They decided to go with the Carbonite 2 ME as their production switcher, and closely integrating it with Ross Video’s XPression Graphics System, DashBoard APC, BlackStorm Video Server, and the NK Routing System for both video and audio routing.

The affordability and interoperability of these systems was important, but the industry recognition of the established Ross Video name was also a key factor in their decision. As Marcelo said, “The production switcher is really the business card of the truck. When people look at our truck, the switcher is the first thing they want to see. Carbonite is very powerful, and that’s a big selling point for us.”

On their truck, which they named the Captain HD, Marcelo and his team largely installed the equipment themselves. However, they relied on Ross Video’s technical support team whenever necessary. “The kind of technical response we got from Ross was amazing,” he said. “We had a great response from the Ross team that was helping us with whatever problems we had. When we had some technical issues with the router, Ross went the extra
mile to make sure it was fixed and working properly. We always had a very good experience with the technical team.”

The Result:

Flip TV Mobile has been operating the Captain HD for just over a year, Right now, it’s primarily used for basketball coverage of the Patriot League, Campus Insiders, and A10. It also has been used for a number of corporate events, concerts, sports games, and even for part of the ABC Christmas Special.

The combination of affordability and high-grade production quality provided by the Captain HD is a very compelling value proposition to prospective customers. This is especially crucial for a nascent company like Flip TV Mobile, as they seek to establish themselves in a highly competitive market. As Marcelo said, “We’re a new company trying to get into a market that nobody knows us in. The fact that we have this equipment and that we can now show potential customers what we’re able to do, means we don’t need to have a $150,000 switcher to produce a game like we’re doing now. That gave us the opportunity to start, and now our clients can see the results for themselves.”

Indeed, the Ross Video-equipped Captain HD has helped Flip TV Mobile establish themselves in a market that has traditionally been dominated by larger, more established competitors.

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