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The Challenge:

Humber College was operating with equipment that had been generously donated to their facilities, but eventually the age of the equipment caught up with them, and they realized that they would have to upgrade their facilities to HD. Michael Wright, Director of Technical Services at Humber College elaborated, “In our beginner studio we were utilizing a Grass Valley 200 Production switcher, while in our old mobile unit – which had been donated by Dome Productions, we were using a Harris Inscriber for graphics, and a Grass Valley 3000 Production switcher. We knew it was time to upgrade our facilities to HD, but we also wanted to invest in equipment that students would find in workplaces they eventually would transition to.”

To provide their students with an industry-level education, using equipment that is both intuitive and found in the professional marketplace

The Solution:

Humber now uses several Ross products across three aspects of their media environment.
In their 1st year beginner’s studio, they use a Carbonite 1 production switcher, and they have
created a 4 camera TV Airpack that makes use of a Carbonite C2X switcher. For their
comprehensive HD mobile unit, Michael goes on to explain:

“Our HD Mobile employs the Ross Vision 3 production Switcher for our 2nd year Broadcast
Television Program. The mobile is broadcast quality in every sense, with 6 cameras, 16
inputs/outputs, slo-motion replay, and two channel graphics using Ross XPression.”

Michael continued, “Carbonite was chosen for size and ability. Both are powerful switchers
that provide a professional experience. The Vision switcher was part of the tendered package
when the mobile was built. Applied Electronics engineered and built the mobile, and the Ross
Vision was their switcher of choice. Meanwhile, XPression was initially purchased to work in
the airpack with the Carbonite C2X, but it was requested by faculty that the XPression be
moved to the mobile.”

The Result:

For Humber College, two main goals for their new equipment were; intuitive user experiences
for students, while offering the kind of equipment their students would find in the workplace
after graduation. On the ease of use for their students, Michael had this to say:

“We found that having a large Grass Valley 200 caused many students to initially avoid the
device. They were getting anxious from looking at the large number of keys, knobs, and
faders. Although the Carbonite switcher is more powerful, even more powerful than needed in
this beginner studio – the Carbonite provides a simple control panel that does not intimidate
students who have no experience with switchers. With Carbonite, students seem to want to sit
down and play with it. By extension, they learn the concepts quicker.”

With their HD mobile unit, Humber is able to simulate a professional live facility. Directly
comparable to mobiles found in the professional market, students are given the opportunity to
gain experience at a variety of different events. These include varsity sports, theatre
presentations, concerts, and even professional sporting events such as the Toronto Marlies
and the Toronto Rock games. “The Vision switcher truly offers students a professional mobile
production experience as they cover these events. This combined with an array of
professional equipment, makes our mobile unit a broadcast quality facility in every sense.”

Michael concluded “Our goal is to prepare the next generation of broadcasters for a career in
a challenging industry. By using Ross Video equipment, our students know that they will be
trained on reliable and quality equipment. Not to mention our faculty, who are full time industry
professionals, are comfortable using professional equipment they are familiar with.”

About Humber College:

Humber College is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Within their School of Media Studies & Information Technology, they offer a comprehensive Broadcast Television/Videography program. Providing a program curriculum tailored to match the current state of the industry, Humber affords their students a comprehensive look behind-thescenes of the broadcast industry. Of particular note, is their HD television mobile truck – A 35-foot, top-of-the-line production facility on wheels. This truck is truly one of the most technically advanced mobile systems found in an Ontario College.

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