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KOSA Channel 7 in the Odessa/Midland television market is the CBS television affiliate for the Permian Basin area of West Texas. KOSA produces more than 27 hours of local programming a week with their target audience being adults between the ages of 25-54. Included in their programming is their #1 rated 10pm newscasts, as well as their morning newscasts.

The Challenge:

“We needed a system that offered the ability to stay ahead of that curve.”
~ Jose Gaona, CBS 7 News Director

KOSA-TV had an immediate need to replace their antiquated newsroom control system, and they needed a product that would bring them up-to-date with current technology as well as allow them to grow into the future. Their primary focus was the “integration” piece. “We wanted a system that fit our current production process, but would also expand to meet our future needs,” said Jose Gaona, CBS 7 News Director

KOSA’s previous system limited their ability to utilize technology in the news gathering process. It was designed to bring in wire copy, create rundowns and archive shows – but it had limited options for planning and organizing a large team of people, all who move in many directions throughout the day. The tools available to them for their assignment desk fell short – a process that promoted efficiency and communication was required.

The Solution:

After researching many alternatives, KOSA-TV chose Ross Video’s Newsroom Computer System (NRCS) – Inception News. Inception News stood apart from other systems they considered and aside from the fact that it was easy-to-use and navigate, Inception News allowed the KOSA team to quickly find out what they were looking for, and move through the system with ease – not always the case when transitioning to a completely new system. Jose continued, “even though Inception News was new to the market, we trusted the parent company to provide a quality, cutting-edge product. Ross carries a reputation of reliability and customer service. That was certainly a game changer for us.”

“In our business, news- gathering technology is constantly evolving, and we needed a system that offered the ability to stay ahead of that curve. At the same time, we also warned to fix future operating costs and avoid a pitfall of recurring licensing fees that continue to skyrocket.”
~ Jose Gaona, CBS 7 News Director

The Result:

With the help of Inception News, KOSA-TV now has better communication among their news staff. Their assignments manager can email reporters and photographers directly through Inception News, and in turn there are fewer mistakes, and a paper trail to verify that each person involved with a particular story understands the expectations required of them. Inception News offers so many tools, and the planning for daily news content is very thorough with many options for storing details about a specific story.

The newsroom system is the central piece of our operation. It literally touches every part of our day-to-day process including planning, producing and executing every newscast,” explained Jose. “Choosing a system that can grow with a team and keep up with technology is key. Inception News has allowed us to be more productive, organized and efficient. The end result is a better on-air product for viewers.”

Inception News has also allowed the producer to have almost complete control of the look and pace of the show. The producer handles every aspect of the newscast – from deciding exactly when video will roll to creating graphics to enhance the look of each story. Gary Williams, Executive Producer at CBS 7 News added, “I now have a complete grasp of all elements of my show. I no longer have to rely on several different people to handle each small task. I can create graphics at my desk, I can check and make sure video is edited and ready to air, and I can manipulate the show as breaking or developing news dictates. Fewer people in the mix has definitely reduced the chance for errors.”

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