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Cost-effective productions no matter where the road takes you

There is a limited amount of large national and international live events needing live video production coverage. However, there is increased demand to produce more types of different regional and local events. Fortunately with technological advances in vehicles and products, the economics of producing these smaller events is more attractive than ever. Ross has made a deliberate choice to focus on enabling lower cost mobile production in a number of diverse ways.

First is the openTruck™ initiative from Ross Video. openTruck provides a standardized yet customizable blueprint for a new generation of cost-effective mobile production vehicles. The openTruck initiative involves partnerships with equipment manufacturers, system integrators, truck builders, mobile producers, and freelance operators.

Companies that become openTruck™ partners are able to take advantage of openTruck’s proven blueprint, which includes open protocols, specifications and schematics. This blueprint enables full-featured productions with network-quality output, and ensures consistent performance and results—every time, all the time.

Mediatec Success Story

Regional services company for live event production with openTruck OB vehicles and flight packs incorporating Carbonite switchers, XPression motion graphics, DashBoard control, NK routers, and openGear signal processing.

Another focal point for Ross is as a supplier of high quality and cost effective live production systems with advanced feature sets and comprehensive capabilities that integrate very well into mobile production environments. Creating productions on location can present some unique challenges which Ross solutions address with compact sizes, low power consumption, flexibility of use, and ease of set-up and configuration.

Ross has powerful production switching, real-time motion graphics, flexible control, content management, versatile signal processing, and compact routing systems well suited to the special needs of mobile productions.

Finally, as a working example for both openTruck design and the effectiveness of Ross production systems, Ross Mobile Productions is a United States based national mobile production company that offers full-service production packages and rental services.

Built using the innovative openTruck™ design model, RMP trucks use powerful, compact, best-in-class production systems from Ross Video and other leading technology vendors that are highly interoperable and have been designed to work together seamlessly. These cost-effective, full service mobile production vehicles deliver consistent, high-quality video and audio content from sports and other live events.

Ross Production Services Solutions

Production Switcher

  • 1ME- 3MEs + 4 MiniME
  • Big switcher power in a mid sized design
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Extensive Device control
  • Dashboard Menu control
  • Easy to use Custom Controls for building and executing complex effects
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Real-time 3D Motion Graphics

  • Real time Direct to air 3D graphics
  • Full Data integration from a wide variety of Data sources
  • Easy to build highly complex graphics
  • Integrated Video playback engine
  • Great for: Insert Graphics, Spot box, Bug Box, Telestration, and Virtual Production
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Mira Replay Servers

  • Robust Replay server
  • Multiple operators on a single server
  • Easily trade content between servers
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Tria Production Server

  • Robust Video playout and record
  • Native Video + Key playback for Spot Box like functionality
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16x – 144x UHD Routing Platform

  • 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD & IP Routing in the same Chassis
  • Full audio Mux/Dmux on all SDI I/O with full MADI Integration and channel shuffling
  • Software defined Multiviewers and frame syncs
  • Clean switch on every output
  • Compact, Robust design
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Facility Control System CG Graphics System

  • Free software for Mac, PC and Linux
  • Control and monitoring for all Ross devices
  • Build custom panels for: simple operation, separating out operation, Data driven panels such as advanced stats and Bug operations
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CG Graphics System

  • Broadcast | Live | Club Versions
  • Sports Analysis tool
  • Covers over 20 Sports
  • Touch & iPad Integration
  • Wide range of Analysis Effects
  • Custom Branding and Graphics Augmented Reality Engine
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