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Executive Summary

ACID cameras are imaging systems using the latest technologies to carefully consider a range of live production application needs to ensure optimal efficiency and quality. Aside from generating great imagery in traditional studio production, ACID cameras possess a unique design that offers unprecedented performance when used for chroma key capture in virtual productions.

Own Every Pixel

  • Create beautiful, clean, true high-resolution keys using the patented 0:4:4 UltrachromeHR output, a signal that contains full bandwidth color information for a complete 4:4:4 signal into the UltrachromeHR Chroma Keying System.
  • See better quality even in lower light with Dynamic Noise Reduction from the H200-UCHR providing a signal-to-noise ratio beyond 64 dB, and the budget friendly Z50-UCHR achieving 58 dB signal to noise.
  • Acquire great imagery from three 2/3” chip cameras with UAIT MOS sensors supporting 720p/1080i/1080p formats in the H200 and CCD sensors supporting SD and 1080i formats in the Z50.

Get Creative

  • Utilize the latest developments in HDR technology through Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) and Perceptual Quantization (PQ) to capture the full breadth of colors and contrast in any scene.
  • Position these compact, lightweight, and rugged cameras in a variety of locations, such as tripods and jibs on the studio floor, or on ceilings, walls, and corners where placing an operator is not possible.
  • Mount ACID cameras onto a wide range of mounting options for manual operation, or with robotic systems from Ross Video or third parties for seamless camera movements.

Keep It Simple

  • Avoid costly infrastructure changes with network ready cameras utilizing RJ45 connectivity and IP control.
  • Operate with DashBoard controls for set-up and paint, and build unique control interfaces customized for specific requirements.
  • Equip ACID cameras with viewfinders, output adaptors, and all the accessories necessary for full studio usage.
  • Save valuable rack space, as there is no need for physical camera control unit interfaces and their associated components.

ACID cameras make use of the latest camera technology to offer best-in-class resolution, sensitivity and signal to noise ratio. With the UltrachromeHR chroma keying system, ACID is the penultimate choice for chroma keying in virtual environments with true high-fidelity results. Aside from being a standout camera, ACID is another seamless component to comprehensive Ross live production ecosystems and easily integrates into your existing production environments.