Cameras ACIDCam Key Features

Key Features

4:4:4 Chroma Key
While there are many camera choices available today, none address the fundamental quality problems that arise when combining live action capture within virtual environments. Standard HD Video has bandwidth limited chroma content. When processing chroma keys for virtual environments, band limited chroma contains insufficient information to create a true high-resolution key signal from original content. As a result, chroma key edge quality is always band limited, as you simply cannot create edges with half the information ideally required.

ACID Camera - UltraChromeHR Out

The solution from Ross consists of a full bandwidth color signal that is output from Ross ACID UCHR cameras. ACID cameras provide standard SMPTE 4:2:2 outputs as well as a new unique output called UltrachromeHR – this output contains a full bandwidth color information in a patent pending 0:4:4 coding format from the camera image sensors. When the 4:2:2 and 0:4:4 outputs are received by the UltrachromeHR Chroma Keying System and internally combined to create beautiful keys from the resulted 4:4:4 signals. ACID cameras offer unprecedented performance when used as Chroma Key sources for virtual productions.

Cutting Edge Sensor Technology
The ACID H200 utilizes the very latest 2/3” UAIT MOS sensors that provide an amazing level of sensitivity, signal to noise, and overall picture resolution.

ACID Camera - Sensor Technology

Low Signal to Noise
ACID cameras offer an excellent low signal to noise ratio that when paired with their high sensitivity, provides high quality images in a variety of lighting conditions. This is great news not only for common studio productions, but virtual productions as well.

ACID cameras have been designed to filter out the inherent noise in chroma key edges that commonly arise due to the lower signal to noise ratio of chroma levels in comparison to the luma values that noise is generally measured in. Key edges are now blended properly and result in better key transparency.