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Southeast Christian Church

Southeast Christian Church is an evangelical multi- campus Christian church based out of Louisville, Kentucky. With a main campus containing a seating capacity of 9000, three satellite campuses, and a youth center –

Southeast Christian Church has built a unified community of believers across the Greater Louisville and Southern Indiana region.

The Challenge

Southeast Christian Church has expanded significantly in the past decade. Opening three new satellite campuses and a youth center, they found themselves with constantly growing and evolving media needs. Southeast wanted to deliver the best live sermon experience possible to their entire congregation, utilizing technology that was simple and intuitive enough for volunteer operators to effectively pick up and use.

The Solution

Having experienced a number of switchers throughout the years, Southeast landed on the Ross Video brand because of industry saturation, reliability and customer satisfaction. They initially purchased a Ross Vision 2 production switcher for their main campus, and quickly followed with a Vision 1 for one of their satellite campuses.

Explained Allan Woosley, Lead Technical Director for Southeast’s productions, “Our original Ross purchase was based on price and customer service. Our subsequent purchases have been based on capability, ease of use, training and continued customer service.”

In 2011 Ross Video launched Carbonite, their new line of powerful mid-sized production switchers. Already happy with their Vision experience, Southeast purchased three Carbonites – two for their satellite offices, and one for their youth facility.

Continued Allan, “While video switchers generally remain the same across different platforms and manufacturers, we have chosen to stay with the Ross line because of the customer support. Whenever we have had a problem or malfunction, we have always been able to receive prompt and effective support.”

The Result

At their main campus, Southeast Christian Church uses their Vision 2 switcher for both broadcast and for recording functions, and from their satellite campuses they now utilize their Vision 1 and Carbonite switchers to playback recorded material for their congregations. Each campus of Southeast Christian Church has a dedicated pastor and every campus uses their respective Ross switcher to perform IMAG presentations to give everyone in the audience an intimate experience of the sermon.

On the effectiveness the equipment has afforded their volunteer operators, Allan noted “We really like the new DashBoard control system’s functions and networkability. This has given us the capability to provide off-site troubleshooting and manage the effectiveness of our volunteer operators at the church.” Allan continued. “We’ve also had many installations where Ross trainers have commissioned our switchers and taken care of the initial training of our users. This has been a huge benefit to our teams. Those already trained will often show up just to get a refresher course and see what new features have been added since the last installation.”

While Southeast enjoys the abilities that Ross equipment gives them, it’s the customer service and technical support that keeps them coming back to Ross. “They are extremely reliable and whenever we have had issues, they are dealt with quickly and professionally,” remarked Allan. “Since most of what we do takes place on weekends, it is imperative that we have 24/7 support from the manufacturer.” When asked about his overall experience with Ross, Allan added, “I would have to say that my experience with Ross has been nothing short of excellent. I deal with a lot of manufacturers on a daily basis and I think that my experiences with Ross have spoiled me.”

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