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DashBoard – The Control System

The DashBoard Network Control and Monitoring system is a free application designed for remote control & monitoring of the open architecture, openGear® platform.

Designed from the ground up with TCP/IP connectivity and based on Java, DashBoard is designed to meet the needs of the broadcast industry with the ability to add feature plug-ins allowing end-users to customize the application to meet their needs at a price that fits their budget. Plugin capabilities such as User Rights Management and DB-View allow unmatched flexibility and control to optimize broadcast equipment infrastructure based on the openGear® platform.

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DashBoard is the only application that allows full and complete native control to multiple vendors. All openGear® compatible solutions from any of the openGear® partners can be controlled using DashBoard without the need to upload custom GUI’s or install propriety software. DashBoard Connect™ The openGear® ecosystem has grown even larger with the addition of

DashBoard Connect™

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The openGear® ecosystem has grown even larger with the addition of DashBoard Connect™. DashBoard Connect opens the DashBoard control and monitoring system beyond openGear® frame based products. DashBoard Connect is for products that for some reason don’t make sense as openGear® cards but that benefit from integration to the DashBoard control system. With DashBoard Connect, any equipment that has an Ethernet connection can appear in DashBoard.