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DashBoard Server and User Rights and Management

DashBoard Server allows the implementation of User Rights and Management to an openGear® network. Frames, cards and individual parameters can be restricted on a per user basis, providing safety and security to your openGear® network.
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The DashBoard server is designed to work with the DashBoard v6 client software and provides unmatched flexibility with its User Rights and Management Plug-in. The User Rights and Management feature, or “URM”, enables station engineers to assign and manage user permissions, and administer the level of access for authorized users. When deployed through the DB-Server, URM establishes hierarchical user or group level control for various types of devices controlled through DashBoard. For example, administrators can set up and control partitioning of access to entire frames, or individual device facilities for signal processing, network interfaces and I/O. Since URM is compatible with all openGear® devices, it’s simple to deploy to existing infrastructures.

DashBoard URM Licensing
DashBoard Server does not have a limit on the number of users or roles that can be created. The URM licensing system in DashBoard limits the number of roles and users that can have explicit permissions set against them. Ross Video will provide a FREE license for setting permissions against 2 roles / users. A typical setup for these 2 free sets of permissions would be to setup an ‘Operators’ role and an ‘Engineering’ role. Any number of users can be assigned to each role. Additional licensing options are available through Ross Video.

Minimum Requirements
DashBoard server requires DashBoard v4.0 client software for implementation of URM. Below is a chart of minimum openGear® frame software versions also required for the URM & Server option.

  • MFC-83×0-N software v2.50
  • MFC-8320-S software v1.10

Please review installation instructions and minimum system requirements, found in the DashBoard Server manual.

Commissioning packages are available through Ross Video’s Technical Services department. Please contact Ross Video’s Tech Support to obtain your free URM license for 2 accounts.

A server hardware platform is available for purchase from Ross Video. To purchase the server hardware of the full version of URM, please contact the Ross Video Sales team.


DashBoard Server Downloads – Windows


Version: 1.0
File Size: 73.5 MB
Operating System: Windows
Post Date: May 4, 2012

Instructions: download to a temp directory, run the executable – it will install DashBoard Server on a Windows PC. A license key is required to use the User Rights Management feature on the server. Please contact Ross Video’s Tech Support to obtain your free URM license for 2 accounts.

Windows Add-ons & Manual
DashBoard Server Manual (.pdf)

Ordering Information

DB-URM User Rights and Management: Unlimited User / Role License
DB-SRV-HW Rack Mountable 1RU Server Hardware Option