Automation & Control Systems DashBoard


DashBoard is a powerful and flexible control solution; and with over 50 partners, it’s a widely adopted one too.

This makes it an ideal platform with which to integrate control and monitoring over custom production solutions. Solutions that can focus on the production with a user interface that is both as sophisticated as necessary and as simple as possible. Solutions that can lay out workflows in a logical sequence of operator input, or solutions that can react quickly to changing and unpredictable events in the live action.

When the needs for operational simplicity combine with those for high production values, and a degree of customization the best answer can often be a full or semi-custom solution from Ross Video.

Full Custom Solutions

Say you are a content creator, rights owner, or facility manager who needs a specialized control solution. Perhaps you changed vendors during a recent upgrade, but want to preserve a legacy workflow; or wish to simplify a production to the point that volunteers can operate it.

A DashBoard full-custom solution is a bespoke application, built to a specification agreed in advance with Ross Video, that provides monitoring, control and production automation.

While it’s straightforward to develop a full-custom solution in-house – see the PanelBuilder page to see how – a full-custom solution comes with these valuable benefits:

  • Expert Ross Video developers create the application
  • One year warranty
  • World-class technical support for life
  • Available annual maintenance • Starting from $9,995

Semi-Custom Solutions

Sometimes our customers have needs that, while unique to them, adhere to a common workflow that allow us to offer a solution that requires customization limited to the venue or talent. In other words, the workflow stays the same, but the number and type of devices, the ways that talent is identified and on-screen elements such as the color or style of graphics can change within reasonable limits.

Ross Video’s is proud to introduce its Legislative Control System (LCS for short) as its first semi-custom solution. Full details of which can be found here.

The LCS is for Legislative Bodies who want to televise their proceedings and need to overcome the challenges of choosing and operating a cost effective solution. Ross Video’s LCS is a complete, network quality, HD video production system that can be operated by a single person, and provides one phone number to call for lifetime support of robotic camera mounts, 3D motion graphics, and production switchers. Uniquely, it includes Live Video in the touchscreen control surface for easier monitoring with fewer mistakes while also delivering high-end graphics to drive viewer engagement.

How to Purchase

  1. For either a semi, or full-custom control, workflow and monitoring DashBoard Solution from Ross Video, the first step is to contact your local account manager.
  2. You will then work with a specialist at Ross Video who will capture your requirements and provide a price that will depend on the scope of the work for full-custom solutions, and be fixed ahead of time for semi-custom projects. Both parties will then sign-off on a Customer Requirements Specification that will include an annotated capture of the control surface, a mutually acceptable commissioning date, and acceptance criteria.