Automation & Control Systems Lightning


A Few Lightning Applications…


Flight Cases Applications
LCS easily scales for legislative bodies at the city, regional, state, and even country level to produce, record, broadcast, stream, and archive all sessions to better serve the needs of the citizenry.


Corporate Production Application
LCS works for corporate meeting rooms, board rooms, and auditoriums as a communication tool for employees, partners, and customers.

Educational Institutions

Education Application
LCS acts as a communications and teaching tool in meeting rooms, auditoriums, and gymnasiums for the benefit of educators and students. Students are able to easily produce their own high quality meetings to learn and to share with others.

Houses of Worship

House of Worship / Church Application
Video is an additional method to get out the message beyond the walls of any edifice. LCS is quiet and unobtrusive in any sanctuary, and is easy to use even by volunteers.