Automation & Control Systems Lightning


Every assembly meeting environment is unique. Lightning Control Systems are designed-with extensive customization capabilities that include:

  • Seating plans – with simple drag and drop editing should these need to change. Configure the number of seats in the assembly, then arrange them in the user interface.
  • Member or attendee information. An XML database is populated with the vital statistics of each participant of the assembly so that when they are speaking a graphic that includes any elements can be overlaid on the program output.
  • Graphic templates can be created for each meeting type and loaded quickly to prepare for the next session. Graphic details are dynamically updated easily in the Lightning CS interface.
  • Delegate System. LCS works with microphone control systems from Bosch and International Roll Call and will integrate with those of other vendors as needed.
  • Camera Angles – each seat in the meeting space is covered from multiple angles and 3 different framings are provided (such as tight, wide, standard or left, center, right) that the operator can set up in advance, and select during live production.