Automation & Control Systems Lightning

Top Reasons to Buy

Benefit from implementing the most integrated solutions available from a single supplier.

  • Ross Video can provide production switchers, motion graphics, cameras, camera robotics, signal processing, routing, and video servers with unified control through a single touch screen interface
  • Every system includes world class phone support 24x7x365 for fast help that keeps productions on-air
  • As part of a complete solution, LCS interoperates with third party products such as PTZ cameras and microphone systems

To best match the requirements of different size environments and budgets, systems are available in different configurations. A single source for all system aspects means you are not wasting time tracking down someone to call when there is a question or issue.

Achieve superior production results from a system with proven quality and reliability.

  • All the products in the solution have been designed for high availability and with rigorous attention to production quality
  • Implement easy redundancy by having the control software run on multiple machines simultaneously for hot failover should one of the host PCs have problems.
  • The intuitive touch screen is used for choosing people, cameras, and shots with a single button taking everything to air to avoids mistakes even during fast paced events

Operate more efficiently with a choice of input sources, dynamic updating of graphics, manual overrides, and custom software panels. You are able to produce more attention getting meetings on a consistent basis with no down time.

Lower operating costs with a flexible and easy to use system.

  • A high degree of integration and automation, plus the ability to interoperate with third party products, means that even a single operator can produce a multi-camera program to very high standards
  • After only 30 minutes of training, anyone can manage a meeting without needing to understand how to use video production equipment.
  • A single room can be configured for multiple meeting types
  • Control is simple with fast adding and editing of people and positions, along with easy position assignment for when things change

Meet your budget goals while keeping your staff relaxed