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Caprica Third Party Switcher Support

Third Party Switcher Support
Ross has a long-standing history of controlling third-party devices, with a library of more than 200 device drivers written across 12 different categories of broadcast devices. Until recently, OverDrive has relied on a connection to the Ross Video Acuity or Vision production switcher to access this library of interfaces. Caprica removes this restriction, and adds a new category of broadcast device to the Ross Video driver library: the production switcher. Interfaces available today include switchers from Sony, Grass Valley and Snell along with Ross Carbonite and Ross Synergy. Ross is actively working in partnership with these vendors to support additional switchers.

How it Works
The OverDrive Caprica Interface provides a standalone server that acts as a timing engine and device control hub, which is inserted between OverDrive and the production switcher. OverDrive talks to Caprica, which in turn talks to video servers, graphics, cameras, audio, and other broadcast devices – including the production switcher of course. Caprica accomplishes this using an application that essentially runs Acuity software, giving it access to all of the 200+ device drivers that exist today.

Timing and managing effects is a big part of any production, and Caprica provides a centralized location to create controls that work across multiple devices. Built into Caprica is a frame-accurate timing engine and advanced DashBoard interface, providing an easy to use place to build all of these custom controls. Once created, these Custom Controls can be attached to OverDrive templates, buttons, or even used as transitions to advance the rundown. Accurately combining a DVE effect with a switcher transition while rolling a graphic across on-set monitors, has never been easier.

Best of all, the OverDrive Caprica Interface gives access to the world-leading OverDrive Automated Production Control system while remaining committed to existing switcher infrastructure!

Acuity vs The World
Even with Caprica, however, there are a number of compelling reasons to consider an Acuity based system:

  • Acuity has been designed from the ground-up to control devices. This is a huge advantage for facilities planning mixed manual and automated productions, and also means that the Acuity is the ultimate backup for OverDrive!
  • Only one number to call for support – Ross technical support is the best in the business, only having one number to call no matter what the issue is, is a big deal.
  • Ross controls both ends of the system. In terms of new feature requests and future developments, there is no better guarantee than running OverDrive with Acuity.