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A Few OverDrive Applications…

Local and National News

Local and National News Application
OverDrive News™ is the most popular automated production control (APC) system on the planet for producing news. OverDrive has proven itself as a no compromises system by handling the most sophisticated and fastest-paced local and national news productions.


Broadcast Sports

Broadcast Sports Application
OverDrive Sports™ brings APC to the sports stadium, providing automated control over big screen productions. As game day productions continue to become richer and more complex, OverDrive makes it easier to react to a game event and get the appropriate content to the scoreboard and other venue displays quickly and easily.


Talk, Game, Lifestyle Programming

Talk, Game, Lifestyle Programming Application
OverDrive Live™ is designed to manage unscripted talk, game, and lifestyle programs – perfect candidates for automated production. OverDrive’s QuickRecall feature is ideal for this type of production making it easy for a single person to switch video, mix audio, manage server clips and graphics, and run robotic cameras.


IMAG Live Events

IMAG Live Events Application
OverDrive Live™ features the ability to send production content to multiple destinations, at the same time, from one interface. Feeding large displays with live content and alternate screens with recorded content is easy. Scripted shows, un-scripted shows or a combination of both, the toolset available with OverDrive enables your team to deliver a high-impact and error-free production at every event.



Worship Application
OverDrive Live™ is the perfect tool for managing House of Worship productions. The intuitive touch screen interface allows your full-time or volunteer staff to easily run a clean production, every time.