Automation & Control Systems OverDrive

Key Features

After 10 years of development, and 15 major releases OverDrive has the most advanced feature set in the industry, enabling you to create precisely the production you want. Whether you produce content for news, live production, sports, or worship, OverDrive has the tools and workflow to make your productions stand out above the rest. Please check out our list of exceptional standard features.

Standard Features

OverDrive clients are each designed to easily handle specific production tasks from rundown management to camera tweaking. more…


RundownControl is the primary application for managing all production elements, effects and transitions for rundown-based scripted and unscripted events. more…


DirectControl gives access to fine-tune your production, with dedicated interfaces for riding audio, bumping cameras and shuttling servers. more…

Newsroom Plugin

The plugin is your window into OverDrive from the newsroom, giving production the tools to add effects directly into story scripts. more…

System Layout

OverDrive systems are based around IT-class servers, which manage communication with clients and all broadcast equipment. Numerous redundant options are available. more…

Compatibility Matrix

Check the latest compatibility between OverDrive software and common production systems. more…

Capabilities Announced at NAB 2017

Version 16.3

  • QuickCode CustomControls
  • Enhanced CG Control
  • More Integration with XPression
  • FloorDirector/API

Smart Quick Recalls (SQR)

  • Dynamic QuickRecalls based on user created filters from the content of the loaded show
  • Users can have QuickRecalls that have MOS video content and MOS CG’s
  • SQR’s will automatically update and be generated as the show changes
  • This is perfect for interview and talking head type shows
  • Can be used to group on-set-monitor content, look for coding errors, or run CG’s

Multiple Rundown Support!

  • Open more than one rundown at a time for back-to-back shows.
  • Producers can dump video into a separate rundown for interviews or breaking news and they can be pulled into the active rundown.
  • Rundowns are tabbed or can be un-docked.

Caprica V3.3

  • Easy-to-use configuration system
  • Improved show management

Audio Panel

  • Audio Faders on SideSlide can now be statically assigned or be dynamically assigned by OverDrive.
  • Support for Studer On-Air series with Ember


  • Tactile control for robotic cameras under OverDrive control
  • Adjust cameras, save shot information and more
  • Great for panel-less applications