Automation & Control Systems OverDrive

Key Benefits

OverDrive has led the market in new generation automated production control since its introduction in 2004. OverDrive provides substantial benefits that have made it the top choice for operations looking to enhance their live productions:

  • ROI in as little as 12 months, a significant return for a capital expense.
  • Allows for manual, semi-automated or fully automated productions at any time, from the same control room, using the same equipment. Manual device control is always at the operator’s fingertips whether from OverDrive or the dedicated panel.
  • Delivers a consistent, repeatable error-free production across a range of operators. OverDrive levels the playing field, enabling all operators to run clean, consistent productions every day, every time.
  • Easily accommodates live breaking news and changes ‘on-the-fly’. With systems in the largest markets around the world and a toolset unmatched by any other system, OverDrive is clearly the leader in managing late-breaking or unscripted events.
  • Offers an intuitive GlobalViewTM user-configurable GUI interface, consolidating control of many devices into one control area. Operators can configure their work environment to suit the operational and production requirements of the facility.
  • Easy, direct manual control of production devices when required. With DirectControl, the operator can change audio levels, bump cameras, check server clips and more, all at the touch of a button.
  • OverDrive is the leader in automating the playout of MOS enabled devices. OverDrive’s tight integration with MOS device workflows reduces entry errors and streamlines the production workflow from creation to playout.
  • Protects your current investment in production equipment. OverDrive integrates with equipment from a wide variety of manufacturers, offering you a selection of devices that fit your operational and budgetary requirements.
  • Provides a MOS protocol LiveLinkTM to your NRCS. LiveLinkTM is a powerful MOS interface that ensures coincident rundowns at all times between the NRCS and OverDrive. LiveLinkTM eliminates the need to reload the rundown, or wait for the rundown to update when NRCS changes are made.
  • Provides full preview capabilities. The operator never flies blind with OverDrive.
  • Identify shots quickly with user-defined Picons (picture icons). Screen shots or graphics created in-house can be used to personalize each OverDrive template.
  • Presents an evolutionary approach to automated live production. With OverDrive, you have the flexibility to choose the devices and show format to match your requirements and budget, while accommodating your needs as they change.
  • Permits optimization of staff in your facility. OverDrive provides you the freedom to operate with the crew size best suited for the production, whether it’s a one-operator cut-in or a full manual production with OverDrive managing the rundown and a few user-defined devices.