Automation & Control Systems OverDrive


OverDrive Primary Capabilities
Ability to handle the most dynamic, fast-paced, demanding productions while reducing common production errors

  • Prevent and correct mistakes before they appear on air with features such as ‘Look-Ahead’ device prepare and Link/Latch keyers.
  • Incorporate graphics including sophisticated animations and transition effects, and quickly add, edit and trigger complex events with automated timing or under manual operator control.
  • Manage the complexity of driving multiple on-set monitors by controlling the Acuity AuxKey feature to mix and key sources in on-set monitors without tying up switcher ME resources.
  • Enable all levels of operator to bring the fastest-paced productions to air with an intuitive rundown-based interface, user-defined visual ‘icon’ templates, and dynamic management of video server channels and production switcher resources.
  • Choose the level of automation with scaling from fully automated to fully manual or anything in between, to optimize control room crew size and level of device control for the unique needs of every production.

Delivery of the fastest major capital expenditure return on investment of any available system

  • Achieve the lowest cost of ownership with a lower initial capital investment, quick installation and commissioning, and fewer training days to on-air launch
  • Receive upgrades of server hardware after every third year of the Hardware/Software Maintenance Plan
  • Interface to an extensive list of industry standard video servers, audio mixers, robotic cameras, graphics systems and other production devices, that offers the most choice to meet current and future budgetary and production needs

Confidence from a highly reliable system designed with an advanced IT software and hardware architecture

  • Protect on-air programming with a fast one-button switch-over between primary and backup servers, that requires no user intervention and mirrors all changes in real-time.
  • Integrate with graphics, video server, and newsroom systems through a MOS workflow that includes LiveLinkTM protocol interface to News Room Computer Systems (NRCS) to offer real-time rundown updates and ensure synchronization with newsroom editorial systems at all times.
  • Run seamless ‘no break’ back-to-back productions without disabling system redundancy by using an industry standard IT-based client/server architecture that supports multiple remote client applications being active at the same time.
  • Operate with a range of production switcher panel /frame combinations for customized system configurations.

At Ross, creating high performance, affordable live production technology has been a passion for 4 decades. Dedication to improving the state-of-the-art in live production technology has resulted in OverDrive, the most advanced automated production control system on the planet. OverDrive technology enables even the most sophisticated productions to be executed more cleanly and consistently, while delivering substantial savings in operational costs. Whether you produce live content for the web, your congregation, a stadium full of sports fanatics, local or even the highest level national news, OverDrive will make your productions stand out above the rest.

OverDrive has defined automated production control that offers you the advantages of operational efficiencies, higher quantity and quality of productions, more consistent productions, shifting of resources to add new media, and adaptability to new business models.

OverDrive offers a MOS newsroom interface featuring a plug-in that integrates directly into a variety of newsroom systems including Associated Press’ ENPS, Avid iNEWS, and AQ Broadcast’s QNews and Inception from Ross Video This interface enables production elements, such as switcher effects, DVE effects, audio mixes and robotic camera moves to be placed directly into the rundown. The interface provides a LiveLink™ from the newsroom system to the OverDrive production playlist. Changes made in the newsroom system are immediately updated in OverDrive.

OverDrive has been designed for a variety of applications such as news, sports, live event, and faith-based productions. The flexibility of the system permits users to have fully automated, semi-automated or traditional manually controlled productions all from the same control room. With OverDrive, you have full access to your production equipment, and full control over your production at all times.