Automation & Control Systems OverDrive Release Notes

Version 11.0 Release Notes


Load Compatibility Supported Upgrade Paths Included Patches Supported Operating Systems
Vision Switcher v14.1a
Vision Switcher v14.0x
Vision Switcher v12.9
Synergy MD/X v9.2g
Synergy SD v18.12a
OverDrive v9.0.x
OverDrive v11.0.x
Vision Switcher v14.1
Windows 7 32/64-bit
Windows XP SP3
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2003



With this feature OverDrive now supports UTF-8 Unicode character sets in conjunction with Switcher and Device protocols. It is now possible to accept, process, and display UTF-8 characters on the OverDrive user interface. Data may be entered directly on the OverDrive GUI or received from the NCS via MOS. More specifically, OverDrive has now been tested and qualified to support Traditional Chinese character sets along with the ENPS NCS.

Server Sync Roll
This feature applies to Video Servers (both MOS and non-MOS) and provides the ability to define pairs of ‘redundant’ Video Server channels which can then be loaded and synchronously rolled these channels automatically. In the event of Video Server failure, or some problem loading a clip to a particular channel, this provides the ability to quickly switch between the primary and redundant channel.

Deko CG-Timing
OverDrive release 11 now extends the CG-Timing feature to support DEKO MOS CG servers. During creation of a rundown in an NRCS, such as ENPS or iNEWS, a DEKO MOS CG element can be placed in the rundown and the DEKO plugin can now be used to specify the ‘time in’ and ‘time out’ or ‘duration’ for the CG element. This timing info will be passed via the MOS XML protocol and will be displayed and used by OverDrive RundownControl.