Automation & Control Systems OverDrive Release Notes

Version 4.01 Release Notes


MD and MD-X Support
Support has been added for Synergy MD and MD-X switchers. The following switchers may be controlled using the OverDrive system: Synergy 2 MD, Synergy 2 MD-X, Synergy 3 MD-X, Synergy4 MD-X. All control features are available weather connecting to a multi definition or standard definition switcher.

Newsroom Computer System Enhancements

Autocue Q-News System
Create, edit and playback rundowns using the Autocue Q-News System. Custom plug-in allows addition of template information to queue elements, and publish via the Q-Series MOS Export Server and OverDrive MOS Gateway.

OverDrive Server Enhancements

Backup Mode
A new mode to automatically back up system data has been added. Backup mode provides a link between a primary and redundant system and allows template, shot and rundown information to be continuously backed up between the two systems.

  • The backup and primary systems must be on the same network for backup functions to operate.

Network Configuration
Tools have been added to the server to configure your network connection, used when connecting to a Synergy MD or MD-X switcher. Tabs have been added to allow setting of IP properties of the switcher, and to set serial or Ethernet control.

RundownControl Enhancements

Save As
It is now possible to save your newsroom rundowns as light rundowns. Store MOS rundowns as OverDrive rundowns for easier access in the future. News text and other MOS information are not saved when converting MOS rundowns.

More Quick Recalls and Customs
The number of available Quick Recall and assignable Custom Control buttons have been increased.

More Custom Controls for On-Air Shot Events
The number of available Shot Event buttons has been increased from 4 to 6.

System Monitor Window
A new window has been added to contain system information; this replaces the pop-up messages and provides a central spot for collecting important messages.

RapidRestore Enhancements

The tool has been updated to restore settings and rundowns from versions 2.01, 3.01 and 3.02, in addition to backup/restore of version 4.01 files and database.

DirectControl Enhancements

Keystroke Handling Improvement
Keyboard enhancements have been added to allow keystrokes to be passed through to the RundownControl.