Automation & Control Systems OverDrive Release Notes

Version 5.01 Release Notes

OverDrive MOS Gateway Enhancements

The MOS Gateway functionality has been expanded. All newsrooms now communicate through the MOS Gateway, which sends both News and Live rundown information to multiple instances of RundownControl.

Newsroom Computer System Enhancements

Newstar System
Create, edit and playback rundowns using the Newstar System. Custom widget allows publication of template information to the MOS Gateway, and updates via file export. Columns containing template number and clip information can be added to any lineup.

A new drop-down window has been added to allow the user to quick select templates.

OverDrive Server Enhancements

Backup Mode
Updates have been made to the Backup Mode setup screen to make things more understandable.

RundownControl Enhancements

Save As
It is now possible to save your newsroom rundowns as light rundowns. Store MOS rundowns as OverDrive rundowns for easier access in the future. News text and other MOS information are not saved when converting MOS rundowns. Use Save As to save rundown fragments for later editing or to append newsroom rundowns.

Cue Shots in Advance
Regain visibility of your servers using the Cue Shots in Advance feature! Overdrive now allows devices to be prepared as soon as possible, and on as many channels as possible. Multiple channels of server can now be prepared and ready to go simultaneously. This feature is optional; the functionality can be disabled if desired.

MOS CG Integration
Embed graphic elements in the rundown, generated using native MOS tools from VizRT or Deko, and perform playback seamlessly with Overdrive elements.

Options Menu Redesign
The options dialog has been redesigned to allow easier access to settings, and the tabbed view takes less screen space to display.

The tool has been updated to restore settings and rundowns from versions 2.01, 3.01, 3.02, and 4.01 in addition to backup/restore of version 5.00 files and database.

RapidRestore Enhancements

This tool has been completely redesigned, and now operates in a Wizard-like fashion with multiple backup and restore options. It is now possible to create backups from within the OverDrive server itself, without shutting the program down.

DirectControl Enhancements

Enhanced Audio Interface
Modifications to the audio interface have been made to make many commonly used controls more accessible and a status bar has been added to provide more feedback.

Audio Mute
The ability to mute and un-mute audio channels has been added to all supported audio mixers.