Automation & Control Systems OverDrive Release Notes

Version 8.0.3 Release Notes


Backup Redesign
Correct problems with the backup system to make it more user-friendly, and switch faster. Changes will allow correct use of backup modes, and not require manual copying of data between primary and backup. Support for both client-on-server and true client/server deployments included!

Code Cleanup and Best Practices
We’ve cleaned up our code based on findings from new development tools (Coverity, jConsole, etc) and customer investigations, as well as implemented a process called “Best Practices” that ensures future code is written in the best possible form.

Tool Cleanup
Internal versions of tools that are used by the OverDrive system have been evaluated and upgraded where appropriate – we are now based on Java 1.6!

SideCar Logging Enhancements
Logs have been improved within the sidecar client application, making troubleshooting easier and faster.

Cue In Advance Cleanup
A number of efficiency changes have been made to the “Cue in Advance” feature as part of the version 8 developments, making it perform more reliably and quicker.

Multiple Rundown Backend
The MOS Gateway is smarter, and now tracks multiple rundowns at the same time sent from the newsroom. This corrects a number of messaging issues when multiple rundowns are made active at the same time, and allows faster rundown loading.

MOS Message Threads
A number of adjustments have been made to MOS message processing to remove a condition that would allow some messages to be processed out of order. The system now processes one message at a time.