Automation & Control Systems OverDrive

Top Reasons to Buy

OverDrive improves your productions by handling the most dynamic, fast-paced, demanding program types while reducing common production errors.

  • OverDrive enables operators to prevent and correct errors before they appear on air. With many unique features such as ‘Look-Ahead’ device prepare and Link/Latch keyers, OverDrive productions are cleaner and more consistent than with any other automated production control system.
  • Modern productions require an intense level of graphics, including sophisticated animations and transition effects. OverDrive’s advanced graphics MOS workflow enables operators to quickly add, edit, and trigger complex multi-event graphics with ease, with automated timing or under manual operator control.
  • OverDrive is designed to manage the complexity of driving multiple on-set monitors with dynamically changing content and effects. OverDrive controls the Acuity and Vision AuxKey feature to mix and key sources in on-set monitors without tying up valuable switcher ME resources. This is a unique feature found only with OverDrive.
  • The intuitive rundown-based OverDrive Graphical User Interface (GUI), combined with dozens of industry-first features such as user-defined visual ‘icon’ templates and dynamic management of video server channels and production switcher resources, permits all levels of operator to bring even the fastest-paced productions to air, cleanly and consistently.
  • OverDrive does not lock you into running only fully automated productions. With OverDrive, the level of automation can scale from fully automated to fully manual or anything in between, permitting the control room crew size and level of device control to be optimized to meet the unique needs of every production. OverDrive can even scale the level of automation ‘on-the-fly’ during a production – offering facilities the most flexibility for automated productions.

Fewer on-air mistakes with consistent productions with any operator, along with advanced functions such as dynamic graphics, management of on-set displays and choice of automation level lowers your risks while saving you money at the same time.

OverDrive provides a compelling solution by offering the fastest major capital expenditure return on investment while delivering more capabilities than by any other system.

  • With a lower initial capital investment, quick installation and commissioning, and fewer training days to on-air launch, OverDrive has the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. Even more compelling, Ross upgrades the OverDrive server hardware after every third year of the Hardware/Software Maintenance Plan and always assists customers for the life of the product over the phone.
  • OverDrive interfaces to an extensive list of industry standard video servers, audio mixers, robotic cameras, graphics systems, and other production devices, with a list of more than 200 devices and growing. Whether repurposing legacy devices that are already in use, or purchasing new system components, Ross offers the largest choice to meet current and future budgetary and production needs.

A lower total cost of ownership combined with a wide choice of systems for integration saves you money immediately and over the life of the solution.

OverDrive is designed from the ground up with an advanced, best-in-class hardware and software architecture that meets future requirements.

  • OverDrive features a one-button <5 second switch-over between primary and backup servers, while always protecting the on-air program. The OverDrive redundant architecture requires no user intervention and mirrors all changes in real-time from the primary system to the redundant system.
  • OverDrive’s MOS LiveLinkTM protocol interface to the News Room Computer System (NRCS) offers instant real-time rundown updates and ensures synchronization with the newsroom editorial system at all times. OverDrive rundown status displayed in the NRCS gives the production team visibility of on-air playout.
  • OverDrive’s advanced MOS device workflow integrates with leading graphics and video server systems and the newsroom plug-in application enables a seamless end-to-end ‘creation to playout’ workflow. No other system offers the level or quality of MOS workflow solutions found in OverDrive.
  • OverDrive uses an industry standard IT-based client/server architecture, which enables facilities to run seamless ‘no break’ back-to-back productions without disabling system redundancy. With this architecture, multiple remote client applications can be active at the same time, each with the ability to monitor or control the rundown playout from any location on the network.
  • For system robustness, OverDrive is written in Java, providing a stable and future ready operating environment.
  • An OverDrive system provides support for a range of production switcher panels, panel-less and frame combinations, providing user-customized system configurations. For some operations, a small setup panel with a large frame permits facilities to manage more inputs and ME’s while preserving control room and desktop space.

Robust redundancy, advanced workflow support, and leading edge technology makes OverDrive the safe choice not only at the time of deployment, but also well suited as your needs change in the future.

Ross Video provides the expertise to seamlessly implement automated production control technology for your team, helping you get the most out of your investment while ensuring a successful implementation and launch experience.

  • The OverDrive sales process involves a team of dedicated and talented individuals. Ross will assist you in fully understanding the advantages and options involved in adopting and deploying OverDrive. On-line demonstrations, OverDrive customer site visits to see a system in action, a Ross Project Manager site survey, contact with user references and Product Manager discussions are just a few of the tools available in planning your OverDrive solution.
  • Ross has successfully launched Automated Production Control technology in facilities around the world. Guided by a ‘Superior Customer Experience’ mission statement, Ross takes ownership in ensuring your success and includes professional services such as project management, after launch phone support from trainers and direct dialogue with product management and engineering without any additional costs.

Ross assures you a superior user experience with acclaimed pre-sale, launch, and post-sale support to guarantee the results you expect when deploying new technology in your facility.

To speak with an APC technology expert and find out more about OverDrive, please contact your local Ross representative or email to