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Newsroom Workflow

Newsroom editorial systems such as Inception from Ross Video, Associated Press’ ENPS, Avid’s iNEWS, and AQ Broadcast QNews have MOS protocol integration capabilities. OverDrive® has taken advantage of this protocol in a unique way, with easy advanced show preparation, permitting you to build in the production elements you want ahead of time. The MOS LiveLink™ between your NRCS and OverDrive® allows coincident rundowns and the ability for last second changes to be taken cleanly to air.

1. Prepare

Using the OverDrive NRCS plug-in, show templates are inserted into each story. Each story can contain multiple OverDrive elements per shot.

2. Go To Air

When the rundown is initialized in the newsroom system, OverDrive instantly receives all of the information related to the show and is immediately ready to go to air. Rundown errors are identified by OverDrive.

3. Make Changes On The Fly

NRCS rundown changes are automatically updated in OverDrive, ensuring that OverDrive and the rest of your production devices are always in sync. Errors in the rundown are easily resolved before the shot is taken to air.

4. Handle Unscripted Events

OverDrive handles breaking news and unscripted events, easily permitting a last second change in your production to occur while maintaining complete control. Get what you want. On the air. Now.

News Production Job Functions and Workflow

A common question users ask when first introduced to the OverDrive Automated Production Control (APC) system is ‘How will our workflow change when we introduce OverDrive technology into our live productions?’

Here is a demonstration of a typical OverDrive Automated Production Control (APC) workflow with descriptions for functions carried out by each APC position. In the system described, there are 3 operators in the control room; a Producer, the TD/Director (APC operator) and a Production Assistant (PA). This staffing would be found in many major television markets that OverDrive operates in. For smaller markets, the PA position might not be staffed. For some smaller, less complex productions such as cut-ins, etc. the production could be controlled by just one APC position.

Individual Job Functions and Workflow
This drawing provides a template key to each individual function detailed as follows.

Open Rundown


Open Rundown
To initiate preparation for a production, the Producer opens up a rundown in the NRCS system. This rundown is typically a saved default ‘skeleton’ or ‘framework’ rundown that already includes OverDrive templates that are used on a daily basis. This saves valuable time in coding a show.

Production Coding


Insert Templates
The Producer will begin coding new information into the show by inserting the appropriate OverDrive templates from the OverDrive plug-in into the NRCS stories. These OverDrive templates create a MOS ID in the NRCS story script area. Other MOS ID’s, such as for CG media or server clip ID’s are inserted into the story using the appropriate vendor’s NRCS plug-in. The order that these MOS ID’s appear in the story body are the order that the related OverDrive template will appear in the OverDrive rundown. In some environments, the TD/Director may be responsible for production coding.

Recorder Rundown
Leading up to on-air, the Producer will be reordering, adding, deleting, and editing stories within the rundown. Close collaboration must take place with the TD/Director and all other APC operational staff.

Verify Rundown
During creation of the NRCS rundown, the Producer will verify data to ensure accuracy. This function includes the standard responsibilities found within a traditional production with the addition of accurate OverDrive template placement.

Production Assist (PA)

Input Media Data
During the production coding process the PA, if used, will be responsible for inputting media data (server clips, camera positions, graphics, audio level, etc.) into the OverDrive templates and various device templates used in the production.

Verify Data
Before the NRCS rundown is made MOS Active, the PA will verify and correct for inaccurate data in the rundown.


Verify Templates
During the production coding phase, the TD/Director will be preparing the RundownControl work environment. Duties may include: verifying OverDrive templates to ensure their accuracy, add or edit QuickRecalls, configure timers and coordinate changes with the Producer. In some environments, the TD/Director may also be responsible for production coding.

Input Media Data
In a production where a PA is not used, the TD/Director will be responsible for inputting media data (server clips, camera positions, graphics, audio level, etc.) into the OverDrive templates and various ActiveX templates used in the production.

Verify Data
Before the NRCS rundown is made MOS Active, the TD/Director will verify and correct for inaccurate data in the templates and rundown.

TD/Director 2

Build/Edit Templates
In facilities where back-to-back productions take place, a second TD/Director could be preparing for the next show at any time by using OverDrive RundownControl and DirectControl client applications.

Rundown MOS Active


Publish Rundown
Before the production is taken to air, the NRCS rundown must be made MOS Active. Once this process is complete, NRCS rundowns are available to OverDrive to be loaded.


Correct Errors
Once the TD/Director loads the NRCS rundown into OverDrive items such as missing templates, missing server clips, unauthorized back-to-back shots, etc., will trigger warnings in the GUI. These warnings provide the operator the opportunity to resolve this issue before the show is taken to air.

System Verification


Verify Devices
Before going to air, the PA will check and verify all devices being controlled by the APC. Depending on the workflow and configuration of the system, this might include audio mixer configuration, microphone testing, camera robotic test, server clip verification and CG system check.


System Check
The TD/Director is responsible for a full system check before taking the production to air. This may include Rundown test, Device Verification/Test and communication test.

On-Air Playout


Manage NRCS
During on-air playout, the Producer is responsible for managing the NRCS rundown, including adding, deleting and floating stories. In some environments, the Producer is also responsible for editing OverDrive templates in the NRCS and managing teleprompter, CG and other devices.

Associate Producer (AP)

Manage Devices
During on-air playout, the AP may be responsible for managing devices such as audio mixer, robotic camera/s, CG, teleprompter or others. Clear communication with the Producer and TD/Director is vital.


Manage OverDrive
TD/Director takes the production to air and is the primary operator responsible for managing the rundown, including device control. Clear communication with the production team is essential for a successful, clean show.

Producer 2

Open New Rundown
In facilities where back-to-back productions take place, a second Producer could be preparing for the next show at any time using the OverDrive NRCS ActiveX plug-in on their desktop.

If you need a more detailed explanation, or have unique workflow challenges, please feel free to contact Ross at or by phone at 613-652-4886. Ross is always happy to work with you in making your productions cleaner, more efficient, and more profitable for your organization.