DirectControl provides direct, manual control of your production devices in a unified interface. As a remote client, DirectControl offers the flexibility to switch between manual and automated control of devices from any location on the network. Multiple instances can be run to have access to devices from different positions in your control room.

Audio Control | DirectControl's audio panel displays the upcoming and on-air audio. Adjust audio live, or make adjustments prior to taking the shot. Add or adjust audio sources 'on-the-fly' at the last minute with Quick Picks.

Robotic Control | Recall shots, adjust camera positions and check your focus before going to air directly from OverDrive.

Video Server Control | With the video server panel, view the contents of multiple configured video servers from a single interface. Cue, Play, and Frame-by-Frame advance clips on any channel. Use Quick Picks to cue and play clips instantly. Perfect for interviews, talk shows and sports.