Company Culture

  1. We make inspired contributions.
    We expect nothing but the best from each other.
  2. We are hardworking, balanced individuals
    We enjoy efficient hard work. We remember that rest, family and a sense of fun are important too.
  3. We continually develop our skills.
    We provide training and mentoring for our people within an innovative and challenging environment. We develop new skills on an ongoing basis.
  4. We are honest.
    We are completely honest and open in our dealings with each other.
  5. We communicate effectively.
    Our communication is clear, concise and readily usable by the recipient.
  6. We take the initiative.
    When responsibility is assigned, we are also given the authority needed to pursue individual initiative and decision-making, within our objectives, rules, and procedures.
  7. We get the job done.
    We do not say no to requests that are difficult to achieve, but seek solutions, suggest alternatives and feel free to directly approach any person who can provide advice or assistance.
  8. We are problem solvers.
    When things go wrong we fix our problems, then devise better methods for the future to avoid making the same mistakes twice.
  9. We debate and then decide.
    We feel safe to express our opinions and make suggestions for improvement. We enjoy vigorous debate and together make decisions to resolve important topics.
  10. We treat each other with respect.
    We treat one another as we like to be treated ourselves. We prefer not to dictate. Instead, we say clearly what we need and ask if it can be done by the time required.
  11. We are good team members.
    We help each other, act as a team and avoid statements that divide us. We acknowledge the contributions made toward team achievements.
  12. We are fully committed.
    We care about making a difference and treat this as more than just a job. Our work life is all about our company becoming the standard to which all others aspire.