Concealment Choices

AirCleaner-2 can conceal video independently from audio—or can conceal both at the same time. It’s just a simple matter of pressing one concealment button by itself; or both concealment buttons at the same time on the AirCleaner Control Panel.

Video can be concealed with either a very effective ‘defocus’ process; or with an immediate ‘cut to safe view’ pre-fed into the dedicated aux video input with an alternate image before on-air operation begins.

Audio can also be concealed with a similar, immediate soft-cut to a ‘sound effect’ or ‘beep tone’ pre-fed into a dedicated aux audio input into AirCleaner-2; or with a simple ‘mute’. Alternatively, a more subtle (and yet extremely effective) audio concealment can be deployed: Audio Jumble—which scrambles the spoken word in such a manner so it sounds like the same person speaking—but in a ‘foreign language’ absolutely nobody in your audience is able to understand!