1-3 Full MEs

Each ME has 4 powerful keyers with luma, linear, chroma and DVE key types - as well as an additional 5th hidden keyer for animated MediaWipe and DVE transitions. Each ME also provides a clean feed output, along with 2 advanced pattern generators for wipes, pattern masks and color washes.

Carbonite Ultra also uses a floating architecture for chroma keying and DVEs. Any ME or MiniME in the system can access the 2 UltraChrome chroma keyers and 8 floating DVEs at any time.

Carbonite Ultra ships with 1ME as standard with options for 2 or 3 MEs via software license. 12G/UHD Operation mode requires the ME 2 software license. When operating in UHD video formats, Carbonite Ultra offers 1 full ME & 2 MiniMEs for use.