Unmatched Audio

RAVE is a 48-channel audio mixer with high quality 24-bit processing. RAVE provides access to audio from embedded-SDI inputs, internal sources like XPression and XPression Clips, and even PC audio sources such as Skype. Within each SDI input, RAVE can access all 16 embedded channels (8 pairs) and assign them to available faders within the mixer.

Standard input and output controls are available in the RAVE audio mixer: Fader volume control (-∞ to +20-dB), pre-fade listen, Pre- & post-fade audio meter/peak indicators, mute, and mono pan control + mono duplication.

On the output side, users have 6 Audio AUX channels available for the creation of custom mixes – great for mix/minus feeds and unique outputs. In addition, SDI-embedded audio output channels are user-configurable with passthrough, all mixes, Main mix, Monitor mix and custom aux mixes.

With the addition of up to 3 optional audio breakout panels, RAVE gains access to discrete Analog and Digital audio I/O with microphone pre-amps and phantom power. The RAVE mixer features 4-band audio EQ (high-shelf, dual mid-shelf, and low-shelf) to draw out the best parts of your sound and remove the undesirable noise.