Unmatched Audio

The Ross Audio Video Engine (RAVE) is Graphite's internal, hardware-based 48-fader audio mixer. RAVE can access embedded audio from every SDI input as well as from internal sources, such as XPression, XPression Clips, MediaStores, and even the PC itself. This makes integration of sound cards or audio from remote conferencing applications a snap.

Standard input and output controls include: fader volume control (-∞ to +20-dB), channel solo, pre-fade listen, pre- and post-fade audio meter/peak indicators, mute, and mono pan control.

Along with the main mixer, 12 independent aux mixers are available for creating mix/minus feeds or grouped sub-mixes. Flexible audio output routing allows each of Graphite’s 8 SDI video outputs to be configured independently. In addition to presets for “Passthrough” and “Standard,” custom mixes with independent channel shuffling can be assigned to any SDI output. Additionally, main, monitor or aux mixes can be assigned to the Windows PC audio card.

RAVE provides a full complement of channel-by-channel audio contouring tools, including 4-band EQ, and Compression and Limiting. Audio EQ can be pre- or post-Compression for maximum flexibility.

Analog and AES audio are handled by RAVE’s optional Audio Breakout Unit (ABU). Up to three ABUs can be added to Graphite with each providing 8 analog inputs, five analog outputs and one stereo AES input and output. Each ABU is also equipped with tally and GPI/O connectors. Each analog input features microphone pre-amps and 48V phantom power, and inputs are freely assignable to any fader. ABU analog outputs can also be configured independently; selections include main or monitor outputs as well as mono or stereo left/right outputs from any aux mix.