Mira Control Surface

Mira Control Surface features a “wide and slim” ergonomic design, for ease of use and smooth replay operations. All buttons on the control surface are logically grouped and color-coded to function, with generous spacing around every button.

The ten softkeys located at the top edge of Mira Control Surface are labeled with legends at the bottom of the GUI display. They provide one-button access to all camera views, even when up to ten cameras are in use. In addition, the two most often-used controls: the T-Bar (for slow motion speed control); and the Rotary Dial (for searching content) are ergonomically located at “shoulders width” on the control surface.

Mira Control Surface comes with a full-sized QWERTY keyboard that conveniently fits directly in front of the Mira Control Surface. This makes routine functions like clip naming and searching quite easy and very comfortable for the operator.